A Musical Inspiration

Music is a powerful tool that has led to the most illustrious, inspirational and heartwarming stories.
There hasn’t been a soul who wasn’t moved to music and has created a massive impact in him/her.Be it a small kid who keeps swaying his body while listening to a popular nursery rhyme or the nostalgia one gets while listening to a favorite Ilayaraja melody, music can be of different kinds with far reaching effects
This is a story of a friend who has really created a huge impact in me and made me rethink my entire life. During school days, almost every kid would probably have wished to become a doctor or an engineer. But one of my classmates showed extreme interest in music that he desired to be a musician. His heart, passion and focus was always on music that he never seemed to really concentrate on studies. His grades kept failing and always on the wrath of the teachers. His parents were called up several times to improve on his grades. He was constantly encouraged to take up tuitions and improve his scores while constantly being asked not to focus all the time in music. Yet despite all the opposition from his parents, teachers and immediate family members, he never swayed from his interests. Secretly he always practiced several instruments and tried to be better. He looked journals, magazines and popular music magazines to gain more knowledge in instruments, especially the violin and piano.

His passion was so intense, that when he began to apply for a college, he declined to do engineering or doctor but rather decided to take up an advance course in music. Obviously coming from a state where one is expected to do engineering or doctor, taking up a bachelor’s degree in music wasn’t really appreciated. He was constantly picked on and yet he kept going . During one of the musical festivals he had an opportunity to perform his favourite song through violin . Lucky for him, it was attended by a few celebrities from the music industry who began to take note of him.

A week later , he was asked to do a few auditions , even while he was still pursuing his college degree. He went for them, and performed to his hearts content . The results were obviously in his favour as the music producers enjoyed his work so much that they signed up for him already for the next few films on the spot.

Thus began a fantastic music career which has now been talked amongst several people across the world. Withholding his name, he’s now a very popular instrumentalist playing for several musical directors including A.R.Rahman, Ilayaraja and Harris Jeyaraj
His ambition of forming his own rock band is underway and he’s making several strides in multiple fronts to achieve that .

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