Impact of Blogging – Social Awareness Blogging

To the outside world I may be an IT guy going about his job routinely with a mundane life. Yet not many people are actually aware of the other side of me. I always have a huge tendency to reach out for social causes and wanting to make a huge impact in many people’s life. I may not be a vigilante but I sure have tried everything in my power to make things alright whenever I see injustice.
One of the most powerful tools that has given me the power to make a change in recent times is blogging. Some may easily call blogging as just a tool to write about what you had for lunch or review your favourite movie. But to me blogging holds a powerful place in my life. The impact created by blogs by millions of blogs across the world has led to astounding miracles and dramatic power shifts across the world.

Social awareness blogging

Blogging has matured to a large extent where it has a single source where one can express their views and opinions openly and with full freedom and the whole world can get to read it when it becomes online. The impact created by blogging has far flung effects one cannot even imagine.

Sometimes all it takes is one blog post to make governments crashing down, or making a phenomenal change in the society. A blog can provide an identity to a person who can actually make it his full time job than just a hobby. Be it big brands / NGO’s or even government agencies for that matter has started reading popular blogs and rely upon them for critical reviews or key information that has to be conveyed across thousands of people. A blog can lead to a positive revolution which can make an impact in a person’s life.

Success Story in Blogging

When it comes to blogging , it has cemented a permanent career for most people. Example I have seen countless cases where housewives out of sheer boredom began creating a blog and started writing small time kitchen recipes. Initially it started with a very small readership among her close friends. The link began popularizing and one thing led to another, and she’s the most wanted kitchen chef for all media channels. She has started her own cooking show and her blog articles have become so famous that publishing companies have approached her to convert most of her blog articles into a book and willing to pay her sums of money.

Social Awareness Blogging

Not only this ,but society related blogs has led to several upright changes in USA, Germany, Italy and India as well.  This can be a huge shift in the way people usually communicate instead of the usual 140 characters. Expressing oneself or a reflective view about a certain issue in society through a free open source tool like a blog, can be definitely referred to as the tool with the most impactf tool in the 21stcentury.

So if you are someone who has started up blogging, do comment how the journey has been so far. In case you are wondering to optimize your post do read my post on How to SEO proof your blog. Post that, if you want to boost traffic, read my post on  increasing blog score

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