A Golden Morning

There’s nothing better to make the day a bright and lucky one than by kick starting it in a grand fashion. A blissful morning can lead to so much positivity and happiness in your day
Be it a crucial office presentation or a new job interview that you want to crack, it all depends on how you start your day . One wrong move and everything could go downhill. You may end up being in a sober or irritating mood. So a fresh Golden start is the most important factor to make it a great day
To me a good morning is always about optimism. The streaks of light that seeps in through the curtain gaps, faint aroma of the morning weather with slight dew drops, watching the little kids trotting their way to the school, everything about a morning is delightful.
So what does one do for a beautiful golden morning :
The first thing one should do to a bright gold morning is to start planning

  • Sleep early to get uninterrupted 7-8 hours of sleep , out of which 3-4 hours of it should be deep sleep.
  • Keep an alarm and a fixed schedule to wake up at the right time that gives you enough time to plan for the day.
  • Drink lots of water and have a relatively light dinner
  • Alcohol in excess quantities should be strictly avoided to avoid hangovers
Post waking up in a very gentle manner, one needs to set things in motion . Here’s how

  • A golden day begins with a golden plan. Post waking up, one should visualize how you are planning the day to make it really awesome. When you believe in your plans, it’s already half done !
  • The most important ritual post waking up is to brush your teeth in a proper manner. The newly introduced Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold should do the trick along with a Colgate toothpaste. The stunningly looking Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold not only brushes the teeth but also your tongue,cheeks and gums. Its charcoal tipped bristles ensures it gives a protection from germs 

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      • Post that,a strong cup of hot filter coffee gives me that extra adrenaline boost.
      • A quick glance at the newspaper will keep me informed of all the current news and any interesting upcoming events that’ll happen in the city.
      • My morning routine is never complete without an intense workout at the gym. Be it a frantic run at the treadmill or lifting of heavy dumbbells ,the energy spent at the gym can disappear all drowsiness
      • Shortly after the workout , a nice balanced healthy breakfast with a juice can really be a booster to replenish the calories burnt and certainly helps to make it a Golden Day

    So go ahead and convert your day into beautiful #Colgate360GoldMornings with the above method

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