A leadship Impact

Leaders are born , not made goes the famous dialogue. When you think about it , it actually makes sense. The people who have acted as effective leaders did not join any coaching class on self motivation nor taught what to do or how to manage situations
They were born with a flair for assuming leadership and taking control of situations when it’s most needed. They have a trait that can make them stand out from one another and can really make an impact in everyone else.
Leaders are like eagles. They dont flock together. They stand out , says another proverb. When it comes to history , there are volumes and volumes written about the most famous leaders that has ruled the world. When you observe all of them and try to compare , you’ll find almost similar qualities and a pattern that emerge out of them. They may not have had the best background or a great financial support to back them. They fought through difficult odds, fought against injustice and displayed a charisma that made people admire them with adulation. Even after they were long gone, they left an indelible impact in people’s minds that people naturally started to expect similar leadership from their successors as well.
Be it Alexander the Great, Napolean Bonaparte, Martin Luther King , Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D Roosevelt , Nelson Mandela or to take an Indian example, Mahatma Gandhi are some of the folks who has demonstrated outstanding leadership when the country needed them the most.
When the United States suffered the Great Depression, the whole economy collapsed. People lost their jobs and almost had no money left. It was a huge crisis situation everywhere where basic survival was even under question. The government tried to do everything possible to restore the situation but could not make any progress. Roosevelt came to power at the right time, and introduced a stream of economy revival packages and single handedly with a brilliant leadership revived the economy. The impact he left behind was something no one could refute as it gave a huge boost to the world economy and made it improve
The cause may be different. Situation could vary from time to time. Yet the intent across all leaders are the same. To leave a deep impact in the minds of the people, uplift them and act as a dependable and reliable person. Like a captain of the ship who never leaves the ship until everyone does so is a perfect example of a great leader
Of course in recent times, the first name you’d utter when I say a great leader will be Mahendra Singh Dhoni. A captain beyond expectations, he has lead a great team to win the ICC World Cup as well as the T20 World Cup. Known commonly as Captain Cool he has never really shown any kinds of stress even during tough pressure situations, maintained his composure and delivered results. Most of all he was dependable and delivered when most needed. No wonder he’s the most impactful leader I’ve come across in recent times
Who’s your favourite leader?

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