A Peppy Life

Peppy : From the sound of it, you know its a fun filled, energetic and a modernistic sounding word. Naturally peppiness is used to describe anyone who has a quirky, fun loving attitude and has a bright optimistic lifestyle with a modernistic fashion sense. 

Not many people display such a vibrant peppy attitude and rather prefer to be a boring, dull and a mundane person. You feel like immediately moving away and want to be with someone more cheerful. Peppy people on the other hand can spread that enthusiasm and make the atmosphere around them lively. They crack jokes, make the air lighter and are basically a great person to talk to. They can instantly make you forget all your problems and make you live in the present. They lighten up the mood which is the most important part when you are at a particular social event and that high spirited energy can really make you feel so good for quite a while

When you look around with a real attention to detail, you’ll be able to find peppiness all around you. Interestingly Dominos had launched a new pizza called Peppy Pepperoni Pizza with loads of fresh ingredients and made it look really lively and presentable

When you watch a movie, you’d feel inclined to love the heroine who displays a peppy attitude with lots of bubbliness humor and energy. You can notice that peppiness in her dress itself, which is quite fashionable, spread with lots of vibrant colors and effectively conveys her mood. Remember Genelia D’Souza in the movie Santosh Subramaniam or Dee-Dee from Dexter’s laboratory cartoon? That to me, is the perfect expression of peppiness

This peppy factor can extend not only to human beings but also to so many things. Peppy can be a flavor of a chewing gum or chocolate, peppy can be used to describe an outfit or even a recent song. Peppy songs are always the most addictive while listening to. It can instantly convert your sober Monday morning mood to a energetic party mood as you kickstart the day with more energy. A peppy number is usually a dance number or an item number popularly seen in Bollywood and Kollywood films. Some recent examples include the party song from Cocktail movie, Disco song in Student of the Year movie and also the famous Shahrukh’s Chammak Challo

In some cases peppiness can be used a word to describe a design of an object, like a car. Among all the cars, I think the car that reflects an embodiment of peppiness, aesthetic design is the recent launched Tata Zica. The Zica has a layered design theme with a dual tone interior and customizable air vents and comes with premium graphics on the fabric along with a fresh orange body colour, something unique compared to any other cars in this segment and naturally touted to be a bestseller
So next time you are bored, get that josh going and spread the peppiness all around you
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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