Impact of Music

Art can be classified into so many different varieties. Dance is an art. Painting is an art. Film Making is an art. Writing a book is an art. But the most important art form that everyone would agree is music. 
Music is something that has transcended the levels of human creativity by a large extent. Any music lover would know that any type of music be it western, classical or pop its very much contained with the 7 swaras. Yet the levels of creativity introduced in the musical art form is astonishing and each individual group of music is identified as a genre
In general, a musical genre identifies and classifies a song or a piece of music to a specific category based on an existing set of traditions as defined by Wikipedia. The various genres of music include Pop, Classical, Rock , Dance, Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronic, R&B, Carnatic and of course our very own Indian film songs
When it comes to me, I find music to be a medicine that can cure any problem , be it a depression or a mental block or even a tough problem I’m trying to solve. Somehow the nodes, strings and tunes of the song creates a magical atmosphere that transports me to a completely different world . A world where I can only see happiness, positivity and envision myself to a bright future
Musical interests however vary largely from person to person. Some may prefer the classical/Carnatic music with the lead vocals, accompanying instruments like Mridangam, Tabla, Veena and Ghatam. Younger people however prefer the likes of Rock, Death Metal , Hip Hop and even R&B in sync with the Western culture. Womenfolk in general prefer the peppy Pop songs like Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Enrique Iglesias and so on
I hail from the land of India and naturally my first preference would always tend to A.R.Rahman. A passionate follower of his music, I have been following his every composition quite religiously and to no surprise his songs are always on loop in my music player be it morning or evening. Apart from Rahman, I have always appreciated the music of John Williams, Ilayaraja Spanish artist Ricky Martin , Craig David and of course the Pop King, Michael Jackson
Writing about Michael Jackson requires altogether a separate post as he has achieved such astonishing levels in music. Everyone of his musical albums has sold out millions of copies across the world and naturally a phenomenon and a Rock God for all his fans. His dance movements coupled with an enchanting song can make almost any one dance to his tunes. His “Thriller”, Black or White and Heal the World is one of the top grossing songs in his Discography.
Of course , the impact of music has known to be tremendous in everyone. It has uplifted moods, mended broken relationships, even known to have cured some diseases and a key component in leading a happy life. Without music, the world is a boring place where people cannot express their emotions freely with all their heart

Music is a talent and a god given gift that not everyone can possess. A gifted soulful voice or a talent to play an instrument quite skillfully is something very few people can actually achieve. So if this is something you are gifted with , go to any extent possible to ensure you excel and become a professional in that industry. At no point never give up on your talents. All you need is some practice,energy and most of all passion and you can become a famous musician in no time.

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