A definite Best Seller

I have often experimented with various types of genre when it comes to books.
I never have judged the book merely by its cover and given a fair chance to every book I have picked up. Sometimes you are disappointed that it didnt match upto your expectactions, while some books turn out to be a very good page turner and you are more than surprised at the plot and the ending

A recent addition to my list of favourite authors would definite include the banker turned author,Ravi Subramaiam. Adding a fresh perspective to “Indian” fiction, most of his books has portrayed the corporate world of banking in an unique manner. I have religiously followed most of his banker novel series which includes “If God is a Banker”, “The Incredible Banker”, ” The Bankster” etc

So when his latest book “Best Seller She Wrote” was launched , from the looks of it I pretty much expected it to be a bestseller and I grabbed my copy quickly. The book, to my surprise was a complete deviation from any of his previous books and had a completely different setting.

Without going into the story in detail , for the benefit of the readers who haven’t had a chance to read it yet , I can definitely rate it as one of the best page-turners I’ve read in 2015. The book is fast paced , has its equal share of cunning plots, suspense characters and a bit of drama to justify all that high paced action. After all what’s life without a bit of drama?

The book clearly brings out the emotions one goes through, when you know that you are getting into an immoral act yet the heart doesnt listen to you and end up going with it . In the end its always a regret and wish you had not got entangled into such messy affairs

Taking a cue from his own success, the book is partially based out of his own life at IIM Bangalore and his successful book writing career that has taken him to such heights,while equally balancing his banking profession as well. It is quite surprising how most times you tend to agree with the hero’s emotions and situation and you probably would have acted the same way

Midway during the book, you may tend to argue the morality of the hero’s action,but in the end noone is perfect. Everyone has their own version of right or wrong and that’s how it should be left. When we begin to judge people purely based on their action rather than understanding another by being in their shoes, it can always lead to disastrous results.

Ravi Subramaniam perfectly exploits this situation as he begins to saw between emotions in the hero’s family and you start taking sides. Yet again you are proven wrong about your judgement , when you are revealed the complete picture. Some readers may disagree on the approach taken by the author but one cannot argue that it is the right bestowed to the author to steer the story in the way he pleases than setting a moral standard which you usually see in movies.

Grab your copies soon here , before it runs out  : http://amzn.to/1ZK50GR

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