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When you travel to a new city esp for vacation, the first thing that comes to your mind is will I get a nice accommodation in that city . It should be in a prominent location,easily accessible, moderately priced and has all the amenities.The last thing you want to do is run around the nearby places to get the things you need
You no longer need to rely on physical travel agents who most probably end up booking some remote hotel with almost no facilities and at double the cost. The launch of has certainly eased that trouble for almost all the travellers as hotel bookings can be done at a click of a button either in the app or on the website.

We are suddenly privy to thousands of hotels spread across the city, classified by star rating, area, price and facilities, thanks to Cleartrip. Sometimes that huge variety of choice could be a little difficult to narrow it down to the hotels you’d actually like to stay and may have to simply believe in a random choice.So here I’m to make that choice a simpler one, especially when it comes to the city I live in. The same help I provide to all my friends I thought of offering the same to my blog readers.

Being a resident of Chennai and active in many social events, it has given me several opportunities to visit almost all the key hotels in Chennai and experience their service, food, ambiance

So I wondered why not share that experience and list down top 3 hotels that would make a perfect stay for anyone to unwind, relax and have a comfortable stay

The top reasons what I look for in hotels are the following :

    1. Location  : Even if the hotel is good, the last thing you want want to do is to stay in a shady deserted area. Or rather put up in a place which is far from the city hub and you have to shell hundreds of rupees and spend valuable time in getting to different places. So obviously location is the key factor in my priorities     


        2. Value for Money : Hotels are classified into multiple varieties : Standard, Premium, Deluxe , Villas etc. But despite it being called a “Premium Room” , you may find yourself living in a small matchbox size room, with broken walls, unclean toilets and dirty beds. So you end up shelling out more to upgrade to a better room , yet you are never happy. So the value for money is very important to justify the valuable money you have spent for the room   

          3. Facilities: To stay comfortable, naturally you’d expect all facilities and amenities inside your room and available in the hotel as well . This includes free Wifi, TV’s with satellite connection, a good view of outside, good breakfast and lunch options inside the hotel and of course good clean bathrooms as well. Some luxuries are needed more than anything right?

            4. Service : The last but not the least factor while choosing a hotel is their service. You want prompt and quick service whenever required without reminding them twice or thrice. Easy checkin and check out process, good service while in the restaurant and better room service options is very important for a peaceful relaxed vacation. So even if everything else is ticked and if service is not upto the mark ,its a big no-no while choosing the hotel

              So hopefully next time you try to book in one of those boring hotels , think again and see if you want to experience something great and different..  If that’s the case , this is the list you’d wanna consider to have an “awesome” vacation time

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              1 .ITC Grand Chola

              Having the word Grand in the name itself, The ITC Grand Chola is truly a world class hotel by any standards. Located very near to the Chennai  airport , this 5+ star hotel is a definite landmark for any Chennaiite. A 600 room hotel, the architecture is based on the Chola dynasty and its artefacts.
              If the photos dont stun you,  wait till you experience the real thing .

              This hotel not only offers the standard luxury any star hotel may provide but prides itself on offering much more. Be it a “Pure Vegetarian Asian Restaurant” or an Authentic Italian Restaurant or the Madras Pavilion restaurnt to try out some interesting flavours of the south

              If you’re in the mood of a cigar and a drink, you can head over to their Tranquebar that offers some really fine premium selection of cigars and imported spirits

              An once in a lifetime experience, a stay at this hotel would definitely be a memorable experience one can never forget

              Pro tip : Do try their paneer tikka in their famous “Peshawri” hotel and a nice pizza in Ottimo.

              You can book the hotel at some great discounts through cleartrip here:

              2. Vivanta Taj by Fisherman’s Cove

              If your idea vacation is defined as a day in a beautiful resort, sipping some wine and looking over the sea as the water comes and caresses your body , while they prepare some delicious lunch/dinner as you forget everything else in life, then this is the place to be.

              Nicknamed Fish Cove by the localites , Vivanta Taj by Fisherman’s Cove is a splendid 5 star hotel located in East Coast Road along the banks of the Bay of Bengal. This beautiful beach star hotel and resort offers complete luxury in every way and at the same time offers a lot of interesting activities to while away time.From Villas to Private beaches, swimming pools, multi cuisine restaurants, golf cart buggies to go from one place to another, spas it has everything one needs to have a beautiful time. This includes a Catamaran ride on the beach, surfing on the waves, dinner dates on the beach , organized tours to the nearby city of Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry.

              Or else you always have a good option to jump into their pool and have a super relaxing swim

              The unique thing about Vivanta Taj is the fact that its one of the very few star hotels in the country that’s located alongside the beach

              You can book the hotel at some great discounts through cleartrip here:

              3. Taj Club House, Chennai

              Located in the heart of Chennai in Mount Road, Taj Club House is of the most vibrant hotels that one can ever experience. With the same high standards provided by the Taj Group of companies, Taj Club House is the preferred destination for anyone who wishes to relax and stay in a great hotel .
              The location can be one of the biggest highlights of this hotel, with malls, movie complexes and restaurants at literally a stone’s throw away .

              Their in house restaurants offer some interesting cuisines including Mediterranean, Italian and Indian.
              But more than anything, Taj Club House is super famous as one of the primary destinations in the partying circuit. Their club Blend can be a great place to unwind after a long day at work ,with its buzzing party crowd and some great music.

              With a blue facade written all over it, Taj Mount Road as its also called is right behind Chennai’s biggest mall , Express Avenue where you can catch up with all your favorite movies as well indulge in a lot of shopping.

              You can book the hotel at some great discounts through cleartrip here:

              These hotel listings can be checked out at

              Once you are done booking the room stay, there’s plenty of activities Chennai has to offer. From yachting, Surfing, temple tours, Food/culinary tours or even riding an all terrain bike, Chennai has something to offer for everybody

              All you gotta do is to check out the Cleartrip app and hit the Activities section. Voila.. You’ll be loaded with plenty of choices to plan a perfect day for you.

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