Anybody can cook !

After months of wooing and trying super hard you finally may have got lucky and successful in your proposition for love. However you just realize its going to be even harder from now on.
You suddenly have a responsibility to keep her happy all the time , take her to different places, buy her different types of  food, and basically ensure you’re there all the time . Even a small slip up can lead to a real tough situation .

So you would wanna up your game and get planning on all the things you can do to make her happy.
Hence for all those clueless on what you should do in a situation like this, this blog post may definitely come in handy.
On a general note, you can begin taking her to different places across the city. Little unknown yet quaint places where you can spend quality time alone. Naturally avoiding any places that are too crowded is a good list to start with. Obviously more marks are awarded when you occasionally take her on a long drive to a distant spot and spending as much time as possible

The second most important item on the list is random gifting. Least when she expects it , small acts of kindness and gifting her random things can really mean a lot to her and definitely keep in track of your mission of making her smile and happiness

The last but not the least is Gauging her mood. This can be tricky , as it mandates you to be on alert all the time, understand her mood without explicitly asking her and doing something about it and make her smile. Whatever you do though is definitely worth it as that one smile can just make things a whole lot better and vanish all other problems

So what do you do to make her smile depending on her various moods, which may vary from being grumpy or being sad, bored, angry and Hungry!. To tackle,all of these different moods, there’s one simple and most effective solution that anyone can try : Cook her a McCain snack . Now that’s guaranteed to make her smile !!

Now before you run away on hearing the word “cook” , let me assure you what I’m about to tell you is something so easy that you yourself would call it child’s play.. I can now recollect the famous saying of Chef Gusteau “Anybody can cook !!”

To make things simpler, Mccain snacks come in a processed frozen packet and all you need to do is, pre heat oil in a frying pan and deep fry the contents of that packet until it reaches a nice golden brown colour. Sounds simple isnt it ? No adding of spices, preservatives, sugar, salt or any other extra ingredients. Though it doesn’t hurt keeping a dip of mayonnaise or tomato ketchup as a side 🙂

To make it interesting, I have tried to come up with a variety of McCain snacks that you can cook depending on each mood of hers.

Mood 1 : Grumpy
Now, that’s one dangerous mood which should be handled very carefully. Being grumpy can indicate a very bad temper, sulky and anything you may do might end up being met with sarcasm

So the safest solution is to cook her a nice McCain Aloo Tikki

All you gotta do is deep fry the Tikki in a pan of oil and once it reaches the right state, just have it placed between a roll of Chappathi or Parantha and serve her in a decorated plate along with some curd . That should definitely easen things and you may definitely be given an approval look

Mood 2 : Angry 

Let’s face it. You are bound to screw up and make her angry for something or the other and you wanna set things right. First things first, you gotta make her forget what you did and replace her mind with images of smiles and happiness. So quickly get on to making the perfect antidote for anger:  A crispy McCain Smiley. Made in less than 3 minutes,  a smiley is crispy, delicious and to top it all has no trans-fat nor cholestrol.
So make her smiley offering an innovative version of mashed potatoes in the form of a smiley!
Now that’s definitely a smile guarantee !

You may wanna read about other preparation details here :

Mood 3:Sad

To me the perfect solution to cheer someone up when they are sad is to offer them nice crispy French fries. What better than a quick 3 min French Fries from McCain that can act like a quick booster for her happiness and make her smile. It’ll be a delight watching her sadness fade away

Mood 4 : Bored

 Quite often you may find her being bored and not knowing what to do. She may be expecting you to come up with something interesting . This is where you should be smart and quickly grab a pack of McCain Potato Cheese Shotz , prepare a nice plate and instantly impress her to the moon

Mood 5 : Hungry 

You just cant mess with someone who’s hungry and this applies to everyone across the world. So when she claims she’s hungry and you have run out of options to get her anything immediately in the next 5 mins, the McCain burger can be definitely be a blessing in disguise
With a fine blend of vegetables, mashed potatoes and seasonings and bread crumbs, the Mccain burger can be the most ideal food you can get. You dont get to feel too full and at the same time feel just right and no longer hungry. And it gives you plenty of energy too 🙂

End Result: A world of endless smiles for you and your loved one , thanks to McCain

Check out an interesting recipe video from McCain below :

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