Real Togetherness

The internet of things has really caught on and true to its name, its pretty much everywhere. Our country, society , streets and even our homes are completely digitized and probably caused a pardigm shift in all our relationships. 
Schools are eliminating the need to write everything manually and converting all materials to a power point slide which is then emailed to the students.School Homework is no longer about joint studies, manual field research, interviews and primary research but rather “Googling” and simply doing a copy/paste
College is just different in the fact that relationships, friendships are formed only by Facebook/Google Plus/Skype calls than an actual hangout. They are too absorbed in the new fancy smartphones that they fail to make the real connect
Even at offices, employees no longer talk it out during a coffee break or small informal meetings but rather send long emails or even longer messages in a communicator to discuss the same.
The beautiful art of having a conversation , building a strong connect face to face is slowly evading and being replaced by missed calls, Whatsapp messages and Facebook likes. Even at popular concerts and events, people are more focussed in capturing the images through their smartphones than actually revelling in the beauty of the surrounding
The only answer to all of this, which brings out that togetherness is right in front of us : Nature 
A force too strong that has endless possibilities and provides meaning to everything in life that even a google search doesn’t have answer for 

To me real togetherness does not come through a social media “Like” or a “Retweet” but rather going offline and spending some actual time with that person who means something to you. So listed below are some of the things one can get to do to form that true bond and literally stand for the  meaning of “togetherness

  • Go for a hike or a nature trail with friends to a nearby hill spot

Geared up with all those mountain gears,backpacks boots, camping materials and going for a arduous mountain trek or even a hike in a nearby picnic spot with a group of friends can be an exhilarating experience . With moral and physical support from friends, achieving the task in the end can really make it worthwhile , bringing out the real togetherness with your friends

  • A vacation to the mountains

Once in a while its always nice to take a break from the mundane corporate life , ditch all your electronic gadgets , deactivate/go offline on all social media accounts for a week and head onto a peaceful hillside along with your partner . The serene picturesque location can bring a tranquilty into our lives and elevates us to a different sense. It helps to discover each other as you set out to explore the beautiful countryside locations

  • Build your own Societal Garden

As explained very beautifully in the below ad from Kissan, a community initiative of planting trees and plants or even a simple garden in the backyard can really make a difference . It aids in adding a visual appeal to the buildings as well as making it a nice hobby for many people to tender to their plants, water them and watch those beautiful flowers bloom .

  • Play Sports

One of the best ways to get to ground zero and embrace nature is to keep all your smartphones, laptops away back at home, pick up your bat and ball and get into a game of cricket in the nearby playground. As you run around the pitch and get your hands and feet dirty, you can feel your adrenaline pumping and at the same time bond over your friends, neighbours, cousins and other cricketing teams

  • Back to the olden times

Like the old times, real happiness and togetherness doesnt come when you are sitting at home, logged into the social networks and browse aimlessly. But rather it comes only when you step out of the house, go for a stroll in the park, smell the fresh air  run in the beach or explore the city as you cruise along the beautiful streets, hanging out with friends over a coffee or a snack and relive all the happiness once again.

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