Baggout : App Review

As an avid shopper, one cant resist the innumerble sales and deals happening across various E-commerce portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra, Amazon etc

However as the no of sites increases , its almost tough to look into something you
 need across so many sites. It takes a toll on your RAM , takes an indefinite time and most times we end up missing the best deals

To solve this rather interesting problem , Baggout was then conceptualized .  With the aim of making the online shopping experience a breeze, they had an integrated website which compares 500 + stores across various categories and gets you the best deal / cheapest option
In other cases, they also provide coupon codes that gets you some cool discounts as well

To make the above process even easier, they have now launched an amazing app that just raises the bar by a whole different level. It starts off by customizing the user experience by understanding the user. It asks a series of questions to evaluate the demographic profile and the tastes and preferences and help you discover latest products which are trending and are most suitable for you.

Altogether its a fantastic “Fashion Discovery” app that provides you recommendations based on your dressing preferences, style and body type.

With over 20,00,000 products from over 500 stores and 2000 brands, Baggout offers the largest catalog for fashion including Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry and Accessories and this is one must have app you should have app. Time to declutter the phone from all the other needless fashion store apps and have a single integrated app like Baggout to search through everything

It starts off with 3 simple questions to get a customized stylist inputs

1) Your dressing preference
Some may prefer a traditional look , some a semi modern/formal look or one can go for a downright casual look

2) General Dressing style
This again varies from person to person
Some people prefer to be the classic , mature guy exuding a lot of confidence and authority
whiles others would like a sporty look to be seen as the friendly, informal guy
There’s a third category who always prefer the unconventional , striking and attention seeking personality and dress accordingly to that
3) Body Shape
The final question is your body shape and once you click ok , it starts off its complex algorithm to determine what dresses would perfectly suit you and the coupons that come along with it
Not only that you earn cashback every time you shop in the affiliated stores selected by Baggout 
The deals begins to start populating as and when it’s released and the best part is ,these deals are pre-filtered and customized exactly as per the above preferences one has selected. It gets to do all the search and filtering for us, saving a huge amount of time in due process and some huge savings as well !
Honestly , this is one app I’d totally look forward to be one of the biggest hits this year, for innovation, style and uniqueness. 

You can install the app by searching for “Baggout” in the Google Play store or use the below link to download the same :


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