Nexus 5X – The Champ is back !

The smartphone revolution began with the launch of Android operating system by Google
The launch of an universal OS completely changed the dynamics of the smartphone industry with a tectonic shift in technology.

The way phones were perceived completely changed overnight as more and more feature began to stack up on the phone. Be it a high resolution camera or high capacity storagee , dual/quad/octa core processors and several other features began coming up that could completely change the way phones were used. It was no longer simply a calling device but rather a camera/e-book reader/music player/video recorder /newspaper /location finder and basically a partial replacement of your computer

Despite several brands launching multiple variants of the Android phone, the flagship and the most desired phone in the market was always the Google Nexus. The phone that was directly marketed by the parent company itself, Nexus became the benchmark for any phone manufacturer. The Nexus surpassed all the previous sales records that other phones boasted of and reached the top spot almost immediately. With a direct support from Google, it always enjoyed several advantages including priority releases, access to the latest technology even before other manufactures could come to know about and its own private distribution channel through the Google Play Store

The current version of the phone is named LG Nexus 5X and it has some inbuilt features one cant even imagine a decade ago. The phone has surpassed all expectations by a great extent and truly answered the popular question “What’s next? “

So here are some cool features that can really make it a world class phone in every way

USB-C Connector : A feature that was developed probably exclusively for this phone, USB-C connector solves the everyday problem of inserting the USB cable the wrong way everytime you use it. It also adds a  built in power booster that can charge your phone in 10 mins to be used for another 4 hours

4K Camera : Gone are the days when you had to shell out several hundreds of thousands of rupees to invest in a good DSLR camera for high-res images. The LG Nexus 5X contains a powerful camera (1.55 μm with a f2.0 Aperture) and of course a HD 4K resolution camera lens that can make images come alive and saves it directly to your Google Photos Cloud

Other striking features include a 
Hexacore Processor : P.S. – It cant get any faster than this. Ever !
A 5.2′ inch screen with a Gorilla Glass – Was anyone talking about buying scratch guards? 

The last but not the least : You always get to enjoy Google’s latest operating system, the very same day. Unlike other brands which asks you to wait eternally, Nexus5X gets the update almost instantly from its parent Google server

Hits the sweet spot doesnt it ?

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