Sugar Free Dessert Challenge

,m,Every meal is not complete without an awesome dessert that accompanies towards the end.
We always place more importance while considering the variety,quality and quantity of desserts we need to prepare while cooking . This is also the same when we are having a heavy meal but always manage to have some space to have a nice dessert .

Despite a grand lunch or dinner buffet you always wonder whats at the end of the menu and it always feel incomplete without a nice dessert .This could be a sweet,an ice cream or even a cake

The fitness conscious however always get alarmed for every bite of that delicious ice cream or cake they devour. Yes, sometimes that dripping Jilebi or a Chocolate brownie ice cream can be too irresistible to miss and you’d be like, Ahh , what the hell.. Let me just have two bites.  Yet you know, it never ends with two bites and you end up eating the whole bowl

So this post is basically dedicated to all those fitness conscious people and gym rats who watch over every spoon of what they eat. They deserve all the wonderful desserts too without compromising on all the hard work at the gym they had put in all these years

Sugar Junkies
Some people I know are so much addicted to sugar, that they simply cant live without it even for a day. Be it coffee, tea , fresh juice or even that donut, they need it sugar filled. They may easily resist the large quantities of cheese in a pizza or the crispy french fries dipped in oil. Yet you give them one cup of coffee or a cake made without sugar, they’ll make sure all hell breaks loose and term you as the worst possible friend, who betrayed them completely.

Despite the harmful effects of sugar including calories,diabetes and weight increase it is somehow being present in almost all the foods we consume, esp desserts. The search has been everywhere, to find that ideal dessert which can be almost sugar free yet maintains that rich quality in taste

Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake :

A delicious chocolate cake that is Sugar-Free,Gluten Free(Flour free) and Dairy free with almost negligible levels of carb. You may wonder if what you’re reading is too good to be true and just some clickbait or can it be actually possible?

This is where I’d like to set out to do the impossible and create something that you’ve always cherished but never in your reach . It may be mainly because of your health conditions or you’d never want to deviate from your strict goals. All this is possible primarily because of the launch of the Sugar Free Natura and another secret ingredient(revealed in the end)

Note to oneself : The end result could be really an emotional experience , as you witness the chocolate cake being baked and the visual treat that follows once its taken fresh out of the oven, dripping with the sauce and just calling out to be devoured almost instantly

With no further wait, here’s the recipe to do this  :

Ingredients needed :
1 Sugar-Free Natura
5-6 Eggs
A spoonful of Pure vanilla extract
1 Parchment paper
1/2 – 1 Teaspoon of Salt
A small portion of unsalted butter
A few tablespoons of honey (In contrary to the myth, honey actually doesnt contain any sugar)
3 spoons of Baking powder
3 spoons of Unsweetened Cocoa power
The final and most important secret ingredient is : 1 can of Black Beans (Surprised?? Read further)

How to Cook:
Pre heat oven to get rid of any existing pungent smell and warm it up
Use the unsalted butter to grease the oven Plate/Pan
Cocoa should be sprinkled evenly all over the pan
Use a parchment paper to cover the bottom of the pan and grease it too with the butter
Take the beans out of the cans, rinse it thoroughly and drain off the water
Now pour the beans ,  2-3 eggs and the vanilla extract onto a blender (High setting level on the blender)
As it whips the eggs and beans thoroughly,  ensure it goes to a completely liquefied state with no solid parts left around in the bottom
Now add the cocoa powder and baking powder on top of it
Pour the contents on to a bowl.
Now add the Sugar-Free Natura on to this to sweeten the taste and use a mixer to make it very creamy
Add the eggs one by one beating it very nicely as and when you add it
Stir this in fine cocoa powder, add some water, beat the batter for a minute , on a high setting
Try to hit the pan gently on the kitchen table to release any air bubbles and ensures it doesnt get stuck to the bottom of the pan
Bake the cake for atleast 40 mins .  You can test if its fully baked if its fluffy when the top portion of the cake is like an elastic
Cool down the cake for 10-15 minutes. Once it reaches the room temperature, take it out and cover it in plastic
Store the cake in a refrigerator and while serving,bring it down to room temperature before you serve

The taste should literally melt in your mouth. Its totally health, gluten free, more importantly sugar free and less on calories as well.. Go on and try it at once !!

Check out more info about it in  :

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