Softest Skin : Do’s & Dont’s

When it comes to protection , the only thing that you care about is skin care protection. It’s comprises of a major port in the body that’s visibly exposed .Hence can be directly receptive to harmful UV Rays, dust,pollution, contaminated water and other chemicals that we apply in the name of creams,oils or lotion. So one should take utmost care to protect the skin as it can easily get damaged beyond repair, making it very rough and leaves dark scars behind
Skincare’s importance is multiplied when it comes to a little child, as it’s skin is very sensitive and receptive to any allergy, germs or infection. No matter how hard you try , somehow you always find rashes or swollen skin with scars in small babies because of its low resistance . Hence its vital to ensure the baby’s skin is always nourised and very soft

A few common reasons for a baby skin to get rough includes rough dirty floors, bad skincare soaps and lotions used, pricky/rough clothes used and exposure to a harmful/unclean environment, be it inside the house or outside. Using hardened water containing impurities can also be a major factor causing havoc in the baby’s skin .

There’s nothing beautiful in the world than a healthy smiling baby with soft skin,whose touch can really make you feel wonderful . You cant wonder and marvel about its innocence and joy just from feeling its super soft tender skin

So what does one do to make sure a baby always remain super soft, tender and doesnt get rough to external agents. Here’s a simple 5 pointer that can you remember at the top of your mind to protect your child :

Soap : Little do you know, the impact of soap can have on your baby’s skin. Soaps are made of a combination of chemicals and solvents which has a pH balance factor. If the soap is a hard one, its pH value can be pretty high and can totally be super harsh on the skin. There are several tests to validate the hardness of the soap before you purchase one. Rather than going for the cheapest , its always better to go for a reliable brand of soap with a relatively lesser pH value that can safeguard the baby’s skin

Oil : Skin’s softness is primarily because of the nourishment of the skin. If malnourished it can lead to rough skin. Hence one should apply a good baby oil almost twice a day and ensure its done on a regular basis

Avoiding rough clothes : Sometimes out of excitement, people end up buying expensive designer clothes for the baby which actually turns out to be very rough in the inside. They may concentrate too much on the outside but not notice the pricky nature of the dress which can make the baby’s skin react too wildly

Powder and Creams : Investing in a good baby powder which has positive reviews from other parents is key. Just like oil and soap, a baby powder and moisturizing cream to retain the softness is also super important to ensure the skin is protected against all harmful effects

Avoiding exposure to sun and dusty areas : Apart from health, the sun’s UV rays and dusty areas can play a major role in making the skin rough . Hence one should protect the baby and always better to keep it indoors during the day and probably take it for a stroll to a clean park towards evening

Soft Diapers : Yes , more than anything, a soft quality diaper is the most important element in protecting the baby’s skin as well as keeping it soft always. An ideal thing to go for is a Pampers Premium Care Pants. Pampers is one of the most reliable and proven brands in maintaining superior quality than other brands and can really do wonders.

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy

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