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As the popular saying goes, “The people with the best advice are usually the ones who have been through the most”

While growing up one often comes across situations where you need to choose between two to three options that can basically alter your life. A wrong decision can be a total irrevocable disaster which you can never recover from . Entire life you’ll be living in regret about that one stupid decision you made which you always wanted to undo only to realized you couldn’t go back in time to make it alright. Sometimes you realize very late and keep wondering what it would have been ,if you had chosen a better option than the one you took

There are many decisions in life which one takes that can completely alter the course of your life. Be it career, relationships or anything , there are some long lasting effects. So while taking such an option,one should be very careful in soliciting some advice before you consider

The person you solicit the advice is equally important compared to the advice that you are considering. These people could be your parents, teachers, mentors, friends , colleagues or managers. There are some cases where people blindly follow what their role model do or imitates their style rather than carving out a path on their own.

To me I have always considered seriously advice given by the people who I lookup , respect or care about.  If its given by a stranger, it probably goes unheard in my case. I consider advice from my teachers,close friends and some colleagues and seriously work upon them. It could be a life decision to choose a path of medicine or engineering. Even post considering the field of study, its even more important to choose the right college carefully. Choosing a college can be decided only post a detailed analysis with your friends who may have known other people who had studied there previously. Such first hand information can be invaluable while making decisions

The same applies to careers and work. The path to higher success or climbing up the corporate ladder can happen only when you heed to some good advice by your colleagues who had followed a similar path to reach the heights. However such advice should be heeded only if you completely trust the source as sometimes it can also lead you into a tricky situation and may not be the best idea ever

In particular, I always trusted my friends when making two important decisions of my life. Choosing the right college and the right job.I am glad that they certainly made an enormous impact in my life . Looking back , I should admit there are a few regrets in a few things that I had done on my own not heeding the advice of people around me,  but at the same time I have also made some great choices in career and work that I can be proud of

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