Pursuit of Happiness in Kids

There’s no joy in the world, than playing with your loved ones throughout the day. There’s even more joy, when the kid bursts into little giggles and smiles, that can make you forget almost every problem that you’ve been having lately. You don’t seem to realize that time just passes by swiftly, as you get immersed inside his little world, making funny faces and noises as you watch his idyllic and cute eyes watching over every action you do
Probably the only thing you’d ever want to do, by any means and at any cost, is to keep the baby happy, comfortable and healthy. After being so close with the baby for a period of time, you get to learn so much about it, like no one else. You’ll know what every sound he makes translates into, what are the things he likes, what’s his favorite food what are the things that makes him so very happy.
Having been around with so many little kids in and around my neighborhood, here are some of the little or rather silly things that makes a baby very happy. 

  • Almost any little kid would be fascinated and so excited watching a cow go “Moo..” in the streets and even try to repeat the same noise
  • Another animal that a kid loves more than a cow is a dog or a puppy. I have seen in many cases, where the kid used to run around the puppy and try to even pat it on its head .The puppy in return would lick the kid’s leg and that’s one sure thing, which can make the baby very happy. At any given time of the day if you quiz a kid, how does a dog bark, it immediately goes into a “Bow Bow” mimicking. To me there’s no joy in witnessing such pure innocence, as the kid revels in its own dreamland
  • Music: I am sure there’s no one who can resist swaying to the tune of a peppy dance number. Even a little baby is no exception to that .There has been countless cases where I have personally witnessed even 1-2 year old kids trying to repeat lyrics of popular item numbers and dancing along to the tune with full joy. Repeating something after seeing it just once or twice still amazes me at their concentration and memory power
  • Food: Only food can bring a smile to a hungry person, says an unknown proverb. However when it comes to a small kid, there are some clauses to that. Even the mention of the word ice-cream or chocolates can make the kid go wild in happiness as it jumps in joy expecting one very soon. However the same may not be the case when the mother brings the regular food, where the kid always tries to shrug it off somehow
  • Comfort : Apart from food, animals, toys and other things that makes a kid happy ,when we consider comfort as a part of happiness , we should understand that a comfortable dress is key as well. A wet or an itchy diaper can actually cause pain to the kid rather than doing its job. So the key for creating happiness is to have a dry diaper ,which is not only leak proof but also dry on both sides. This obviously goes a long way in making the baby dry and happy

One such diaper is Pampers Baby Dry Pants that promises dryness for the baby on the inside with a Magic Gel that locks in moisture so that your baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours.


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