A New Beginning

The only thing that’s constant in life is Change. An inevitable process, Change is the only thing that actually keeps us going. Without change, monotony creeps into our lives and that boredom is enough to bring down confidence, a new level of low and also a sense of aloofness
At the same time, sudden changes can jolt a person’s life and his routine and may even cause chaos in his life. But if the change is well thought, planned & a strategic one, it will definitely work out in your favor and result in definite success. So in a way change is good and gives us an opportunity to prove ourselves once again and not carried away by the comfort of the existing life.
In many cases change may even require us to start from scratch, reinvent the wheel and work hard through the ladder, but the end point will be a far better one, completely different from where you were headed initially if you had stuck to your original routine
I had several instances in my life, where I decided to move on and seek newer paths in life and greener pastures. Though a few of them didn’t work out in my favor, most of them took me to new heights that I hadn’t even remotely expected earlier. The new bold step, without turning back, definitely made a huge difference to me, completely unaffected by the million questions raised by people around me, who doubted my skills in the first place
One of them was moving into a new house, which I was never really comfortable in the first place. After being in the same house for nearly 20 years, it gets tough when you know, it’s time to move. The old house has offered a lot of memories and comfort in several ways possible, which made me didn’t want to go out and explore different areas. But due to a few issues and space constraints, I started looking for a new house, though I was very reluctant in the beginning. I luckily found a wonderful house, after nearly 6-7 months of search. The move was not easy at first. The conditions, locality, neighbors and almost everything was new. It was like a complete overhaul for me, which involved settling down in a completely new environment, sleeping in a new room which seemed quiet alien to me in the beginning. However the shift gave me a new level of confidence, that made me come out of my comfort zone and venture out into new things. It was not just confidence, but it gave me a new level of optimism and more importantly Hope, something I could look up to.

From here, things only went upwards in all aspects of life. The new house was a starting point. It was equivalent to #StartANewLife .I shifted to a new role in my company. The new role was a challenge and not as easy as my current role. But given the optimism and the hope I currently possessed, I took it up as a challenge to succeed in it as well. 

I may not say that, things will succeed every time one tries to do something new. But it sure does gives hope and an optimism to chase dreams, take a bold step and actually bring a new change in one’s life

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