Together, everything is possible

We all have had our rough days once in a while be at work or home, where everything seems to go wrong or not work in our favor. Some people even colloquially refer to it as a bad hair day. It can definitely set the tone and mood for all the days to come and be a bad influence in our confidence as well.
It is important that one doesn’t lose confidence and optimism, when one goes through these tough times and rather stay focused, determined and be surrounded with good company , preferably close friends who can keep the ball rolling
So with that optimism, when you actually manage to turn the chain of events into your favor it can actually become a very memorable day for you altogether, something which you’d never forget.There was one such day in my life which I would definitely like to narrate here. After being in a corporate environment for several years, I found myself, literally having no work life balance with immense work pressure. I didn’t have literally any time to spend with my family, if not friends. That’s when I decided to change things and make the day a memorable one. The following week had a three day weekend, due to a public bank holiday on Friday. I quickly checked all my other schedules and cleared off the least important ones. I had called all my close friends from my group and told them about the exciting plans ahead. They all readily seem to agree and that’s all it took to plan for the day. I guess everyone was looking for such a break like me .Throughout the week, my focus seemed to keep shifting towards the exciting plans. The plan included a road trip to Pondicherry and a stay over. The weekend began well, as the journey was near perfect and things worked out as per the plan without any hitch. The day involved several memories which made everyone in the group forget everything else and simply reveled in fun. 
Catching up on old stories and college moments, time just flew by as we enjoyed great conversations over a lunch by the seaside in a resort. The day was not just like a reunion but rather a memorable day for each one of us, where we took a day off from all the pressures and problems and gave us enough time to rethink everything. Especially to me, it gave enough strength to completely motivate me and gave me a new level of optimism that actually enabled me to set a new path in life. Friends gave me the confidence that day, to venture into different things that I was holding back till then and I should admit all those risks paid off and I should attribute a part of my success today, to whatever happened that day. Be it my new job or the new house I bought, it was  all because I actually stepped out of my monotony to rethink and do something different #Together we made it happen !

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