Optimism for the Future

Optimism can mean different things to different people. It could be a new job that they were trying to get. It could be a new relationship or a partner that they desired. It could mean the comeback of a person who had gone away for a long time and waiting to reunite any moment. To a politician, it could mean a favorable result in the elections. To a cricketer, it could mean, a possibility to score more runs because of favorable pitch conditions .To an actor, it could be expecting his latest movie to be a big hit and so forth
Optimism, to me is not just restricted to one thing.  It’s an entirely different world of infinite possibilities. An environment where everything’s possible and you can get anything you desire. Optimism gives me the confidence and an attitude where I expect only positive things to happen around me. Optimism not only results in one favorable outcome. It’s the starting point of a change that alters your life completely, take it in a completely different route than you had originally envisaged and take you to a much better place than you had expected.

I’d like to narrate one such defining moment that basically set the tone of optimism and the course for a beautiful future. After 4 years of toiling to study engineering, I went on to pursue my masters in marketing management ,which was another two years of arduous studying

Around the year 2008-09 with the economic recession setting in, things were hard to come by. Everything took a backseat. People in good jobs were getting axed while some took a deep pay cut. People who already had offers were forced to wait another six months until situations improved. People who were looking for jobs had to literally hunt almost every given opportunity to find even a menial job. I was no exception among others, fresh out of grad school with high hopes in landing a marketing job.

But one thing set apart me from the rest of the people. I was brimming with optimism that if not today, one day I’ll definitely get the job I deserve. A job , that I’ll be proud to do and flaunt it. The optimism gave me a confidence like never before and just increased my hopes day after day. After going through a couple of jobs in start-up firms, I finally got the call I was waiting for all these years. It was from a huge company which invited me to attend an interview for a business analyst role. I cleared the interviews with ease, post which I got the call, inviting me to join the company

That defining moment when I got the job is something I’d never forget. To me it wasn’t just a job. It was a career which could alter my entire life path. It would acquire me a new status in society, a new purchasing power and maybe even a new relationship in the circles I’ll be moving in. The optimism I had earlier, made me not to give up and subsequently getting this job gave a new hope for the future

In fact it just didn’t end there. Because of the job, I was able to become more financially independent and a year down the line I bought my first house, a bike and a car . It was a wonder to me, how one defining moment could lead to several positive outcomes subsequently

At the end of the day , I now go back to my house, filled with a sense satisfaction,happiness and of course optimism
For all those young people who are looking for advice in life , here it goes 
Optimism is opportunity. Optimism is a possibility. Optimism is Confidence. Optimism is everything”

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