Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

Almost everyone would have had dreams and aspirations to become a doctor, cricketer, engineer, pilot or a scientist, when they were a little kid. But the actual no of dreams that were actually met, would probably be, one in hundred. Not every kid is fortunate enough to be groomed correctly towards achieving their goals. In order to achieve that goal and become a successful person in the future, it requires a strong and continuous backing , preferably by a close family member .It can be a father, mother or even an elder brother/sister to stand by you in tough times, never making you lose sight of the final goal
In this inflating economic climate, financial support is critical in backing a child’s dreams  . Be it an expensive graduate program abroad or paying for innumerable no of coaching classes can be quite demanding on the wallet, but the child’s future trumps the magnitude of the sum involved.
Apart from financial support, what’s more important is moral support. Despite lean times, when the kid goes through rough patches, doesn’t perform well or loses confidence to pursue the goal, it is important for the parent/sibling or any close family member to motivate the child, make him realize his potential and get him to win
Below is one such story I’ve witnessed as I grew up. The fortunate person in this case was a classmate of mine since kindergarten. Since early childhood, my friend took up a very keen interest in literature and other literary stuff. More than being just a bookworm, reading every book he could obtain, he actually began to write. At first it started with a simple article about a news item he had read in the paper. It later became a major hobby, where he started writing for the school magazine and for small short story competitions. Quite unexpectedly, he received a huge backing of support from his parents, who encouraged him to go the extra mile. Rather than simply forcing him to concentrate on only studies or dragging him to tuition classes like every other parent, they actually motivated him further by buying him a lot of classics and international novels to spike his interest. 
After passing out his twelfth standard in flying colors, he declared his intention to pursue journalism than take the usual path of studying for an engineering degree and become a software professional. With great doubts and fear, he confronted his parents to pursue a profession that may be uncertain, and frankly the least popular option among most of his peers 
He believed that this society, which values only engineers and doctors to be defined as “successful” would definitely call him a loser. Yet he received a never expected humongous moral support from his parents, who kept backing him up throughout his college days and even later when he went through a string of small paying writing jobs that actually led him nowhere. Yet at no point of time, he felt let down by his friends who still believed in him and hoped he’ll definitely become successful, true to his potential. 
The sheer blind faith, his parents had over him was something remarkable, which I could never forget for a day in my life
Much to no one’s surprise, he’s now a very successful writer in one of India’s leading print daily and even carved a niche for himself in the editorial society where people recognize him wherever he goes. He no longer depends on society’s approval or require further financial support from his loving parents and grown to be one fine self-reliant man, that anyone will be proud of.
His story is a perfect testimony to the saying ApnoKo Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao 
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Watch below, a heart warming video of a little girl , having a prosthetic leg being supported by her dad to become a self reliant , focused and determined person, finally achieving what she wanted to do

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