Upgrading my car with Quikr NXT

Living in an apartment with a relatively small parking space can be quite harrowing. It makes you go through a big ordeal every time you have to take it, in and out of the narrow streets for parking. This resulted, in me purchasing a Hyundai i10, a hatchback which seemed to be quite popular during the time when I bought it. Years later, after moving to a more spacious flat with a larger parking space, I have decided to finally upgrade my car 
Having owned a small hatchback, I’ve always had the desire to upgrade to a Sedan, Luxury or even a Full-Size SUV segment car. But with rising inflation and phenomenal increase in vehicle taxes, it has actually made buying a new car an expensive affair. Though the prices had overshot my budget by a large factor, I still didn’t give up my dream of owning a SUV. Naturally, my focus shifted towards buying a pre-owned car. I’ve always believed that, when it comes to buying anything pre-owned, the only reliable, safe and secure place is Quikr.com
For those who aren’t aware, Quikr.com is India’s leading online marketplace enabling millions of people to come together in a single platform to buy and sell goods. With an easy to navigate user interface in both the website and the mobile app, it has become one of my most favourite sites to go for almost any need. With the launch of Quikr Nxt, things have just become a lot easier and secure. Quikr Nxt allows you to converse with multiple sellers at the same time by the Chat Feature and make your selections post the chat discussions
In this scenario, this is how I’d go about choosing Quikr Nxt, to upgrade to a better car from my existing one. 

  1. My first step would be to install the Quikr App from the Google Play store.  Once I open the app for the first time, I’d select Chennai as my default city 
  2. Inside the app, I’ll select “Cars & Bikes” category and choose the sub category as Cars.
  3. This immediately gives me an extensive list of all the ads for cars in every category, ranging from 50K to 50Lakhs. With my budget ranging from 6-8 Lakhs, I’d fairly expect to get a 2-3 year old SUV whose original price would be around 11-12 Lakhs. 
  4. Next I’d use the filter button to select my preferences. Under the Brand Name option, I’d choose my preferred choices of car in the check box. In this case, my favorites would include a Volkswagen and a Honda. 
  5. Post which, I will select the second filter option of price range, setting it to 6-8 Lakhs and I’d click on Apply.
  6. This narrows the search results to only the two brands I had selected, in that price range. Post an extensive research and analysis, my final consideration of choices is now limited to the following cars: Honda Civic, Honda City, Honda Accord and Volkswagen Jetta
  7. After being flooded with choices for the above cars in almost every variant, colour and price I’ll carefully go through all the listings in detail along with their pictures.

My considerations would be based on the following factors:

  • Age of the car : It should not exceed 3-4 years
  • Maintenance : Car should be well maintained and not have any dents or major scratches
  • Engine : The car’s engine should be in good condition having run an optimum no of kms for the given age of the car
  • Color: I’d prefer the car colour to be only black , white or grey

Once I am done narrowing my choice to a few listings, I’ll click on “Chat now” through the Quikr Nxt Chat feature. This opens a chat window for me to communicate with the seller and request for more details about the car. I’d like to clarify on the insurance renewal dates, last servicing date, known defects in car, reason for selling , more interior pictures of the car ( through the Quikr Nxt Chat Window itself)  and of course if he’s willing to negotiate on the price 
Once we reach an agreement, I’ll confirm the further details on location, time to meet and follow up with the registration process. If all goes well, I should successfully own my dream car in just a week’s time (post transfer of registration), thanks to Quikr
While all this is happening, I’d also post my very own ad for my old car in Quikr along with a lot of pictures. Once contacted by interested buyers, I’ll share the requested details to all of them through the Quikr Nxt Chat option, negotiate the prices and then finalize the deal to the buyer who’s quoting the maximum price
Hope you have a happy shopping experience in Quikr

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