Pampering with Bedtime Rituals

There’s no better joy in the world than playing with a small kid, watching its innocent eyes glued to you, as you make funny noises & faces and try to make it laugh. It’s a beautiful experience altogether, as you forget all your problems and engage in small activities with the kid as the time whizzes by. We love our kids with all our heart and care for its utmost safety, comfort and health
Yet , one of the biggest concerns while taking care of a small kid is sleep .The sleep schedules are quite erratic for babies, as they sleep in broad daylight,but very much active in the middle of the night . Just when you are planning to catch that sleep after a hard day at work ,you find yourself waking up to the kid’s scream at 1am in the night. These happen once too often and you probably intend to do everything to give the baby a good night’s rest. In order to do that, one does quite a bit of rituals every night, to ensure their kid doesn’t wake up suddenly or disturbed by anything else
So if it were to me, here are some of the rituals I’d follow, to ensure the baby gets a good night rest :

  • Play : Almost every night, I’d see to it that I play with the baby for at least 20 minutes with all its toys, as a fun ritual, to make the baby happy, as well as make my mind clear of any pressures.
  • Feed a bottle of milk : At least a solid 30-60 minutes before bed time, it’s important that I give the baby a small bottle of milk so that it doesn’t go to sleep hungry or again waking up later at night, crying for milk . The milk also ensures the kid gets a balanced meal, despite it spitting out most of its dinner.
  • Read a book: One of the rituals that I’d follow at night is reading a picture book. I’d point out the animals and the various characters in the book to the baby, as I slowly read the story to it. Irrespective of whether the baby understand what I am reading or not, it can fully recognize the different animals in the book and as the page turns, I can slowly find the kid also drifting to a gentle sleep.
  • Sing a Lullaby or a Rhyme: Almost every baby that I’ve seen, drift out to a nice sleep if you start gently patting it back and sing a soft lullaby or a rhyme. A soft whispering tone of the song will act like a smooth sedative and make the baby sleep very peacefully and it definitely wouldn’t cry any longer.
  • Creating a Soundproof environment : One of the main things to ensure the baby gets a good night sleep is to close all the doors in the room while keeping on some of the night lamps, so that it doesn’t get afraid. This will prevent the kid from waking up to any mosquito bites, blaring of roadside vehicle horns or loud barking of dogs or a neighbors quarrel.
  • Putting the Right Diaper: What’s more important than a comfortable bed or room for the kid, is the diaper it’s wearing. Before the baby goes to sleep, it’s important to clean and remove any dirty clothes, after which a clean diaper like a Pampers Baby Dry Pants is worn. This is a critical thing to do, to ensure that the kid goes to sleep in a very dry, peaceful and comfortable manner and not disturbed by wet diapers. 

To me, among all the above rituals, I’d rate adding comfort as the the key factor in ensuring the kid gets a peaceful and a good sleep. Irrespective of the external conditions being well maintained, if the baby’s dress makes it feel uncomfortable, it’ll definitely end up crying the whole night

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