My Unconditional Love of Asus Zenfone

I had cast my net wide, in search of a perfect valentine this year. Despite trying in so many places, I remained unsuccessful in my search. However things took a dramatic turn when I saw her. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever come across and quite literally awestruck at her beauty. Her colour, slim shape, vivid looks, almost everything attracted me instantly. It was love at first sight. I knew I should have her, whatever it takes. She went by the name, Zenfone by Asus. That was when I decided she was the perfect Valentine for me in almost every way.
Below are the reasons why Asus Zenfone is my ideal Valentine
  1. As a valentine, my Asus Zenfone will constantly engage me and keep the conversations flowing by offering so many messaging and social networking apps from the Play store apart from the inbuilt ones. So getting bored is out of the question.
  2. Being an ideal valentine, it helps me relive all my memories by taking countless HD photos and videos of wherever I go with her. The photos are also automatically backed up to the Asus Web storage in the cloud so that I’ll never lose any data whatsoever.
  3. My valentine likes to stay competitive amidst the stiff competition in the market and be the best among the rest. Hence my Zenfone constantly updates itself periodically with OS updates as well as application updates from the Play store to delight me with new features, bug fixes, enhanced security and design changes.
  4. The most difficult part about having a valentine is the cost/expense that comes along with it. However in this case, the Zenfone is pocket friendly, completely maintenance free for a long period of time and works without a glitch . It even comes with a warranty for a year to cover all defects, if any. Plus it never expects frequent shopping trips or expensive candle light dinners from me.
  5. An important feature that one looks for in a valentine, is her beauty. Everyone has a small desire to be spotted with a beautiful valentine that everyone is envious of. Rest assured, carrying an Asus Zenfone to any party/club/function will make you stand a class apart and gain you the respect that you deserve, while people gape at her beauty.
  6. Work Life Balance: Having a valentine can sometimes affect your work life balance as you manage to juggle between office work and personal time to have fun. However Asus Zenfone will provide you that exact balance you were looking for. While at office, the E-Mail app, PDF viewer , Documents viewer and PowerPoint application ( from the free Microsoft Office app in Play store) helps you to work on critical work documents and presentations, while back at home, you can use it to play games like Candy Crush, Asphalt and browse through social networks like FaceBook, Twitter etc.
If you are still not convinced on why it’s the perfect Valentine, here are some more reasons:
  • Even when you look at other people, it doesn’t mind and rather suggests other dating apps to chat with new people
  • When you don’t want to be disturbed and busy at work or watching a movie, you can put it in silent mode and it’ll never complain
  • Constantly guides everywhere you go, with the Google maps Navigation app using the GPS feature
  • You can ignore even when it rings and continue carrying on with your work
  • You are actually given a choice in selecting your favourite model  among the following 4 (Zenfone C/Zenfone 4/Zenfone 5/Zenfone 6)  to suit your own needs and budget

On a technical standpoint, the ASUS Zenfone(esp Zenfone 5/6) packs in  an impressive range of hardware that includes an Intel Dual Core Processor , 2GB RAM, 8MP HD Camera ,8/16 GB ROM,Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection with a price range that starts as low as 5299

Hence I hereby profess my #UnconditionalLove towards #AsusZenfone and see it as my Ideal Valentine

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