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Most of my childhood was spent  day dreaming, about things I would do when I grew up and got settled. Some of them were audacious or even impossible dreams, which I hoped one day will become possible. The goals were never too high for me and the world threw open to me, a life of infinite possibilities.
So as I grew up, I maintained myself, a bucket list of things I would do, no matter what it took. But I was able to do only a minor portion of them and still have a huge list to complete. So someday, if all my troubles were to vanish and I became Befikar Umar Bhar, here are the top 5 things in my bucket list which I would do
Going on an international “food tour” :
Being a huge foodie, I have always had the desire to go across the world on a culinary tour and experience the authentic food preparations in different countries. But given budgetary and time constraints I have never been able to do any of this till now and always been a major part of my bucket list. So if I am #BefikarUmarBhar, I’d definitely try to accomplish this wish at the very earliest and here’s how I would achieve it : 
The tour begins in India and proceeds as follows: I’ll  start my schedule by having a “full meals” in an Andhra Mess in Hyderabad. Then I’ll head on north to have the Paneer Butter Masala in Punjab, followed by a Rajasthani Meal with Dhal Bhati in Jaipur, head on to Mumbai to have the famous Vada Pav , Gol Gappe and end with the Masala Dosa in Chennai. This will be followed by an International tour to many countries, which specialize in different kinds of cuisines. My international itinerary would include a visit to the Mainland of China to have the delicious Chinese noodles, Tofu & Dim Sums. Next on the list would be to Italy, to have the fine thin crust pizzas, along with a sip of their famous wines .I’d finally end up in France to relish their charming street food that includes a Ratatouille, French Cheese Breads, Crepes and of course ending with a French pastry
Watching the IMDB Top 250 Movies: 
Working for a MNC means you pretty much end up with tough and demanding working hours that usually translate to around 11-12 hours a day. In the weekends, I am mostly involved in household work or going out with friends which leaves almost no time to watch TV or movies. As a huge movie buff, I have been following the IMDB list of top 250 movies quite religiously since the past decade. But I have never been able to go past the top 50-60 due to the above time constraints. So if by a miracle, I am #BefikarUmarBhar I’ll check this item off my bucket list by watching the entire list of 250 movies and end up becoming the ultimate film buff
Watching a Sporting Event Live
As a kid I have grown up watching all kinds of Sports including cricket, football, Formula-1 etc. and have always wondered how awesome it would be to see them live in the stadium, among thousands of fans cheering for their home team and going ballistic when they win . So naturally my third item in my bucket list would include watching a live sports event in a stadium. Yet due to budget, work and time constraints, it was always just a dream and never a reality. So if I am BefikarUmarBhar, I’ll definitely accomplish this by any means. Below are the list of events, I’d have on priority to watch it live 

  •  Watching Manchester United play at Old Trafford Stadium against Arsenal or Chelsea
  •  Attend a live Formula 1 Race at Germany watching Sebastian Vettel driving for a Ferrari
  •  To watch the Cricket World Cup finals at the Melbourne Cricket Ground
  •  Attend the Olympics
Get a complete makeover :
As a corporate professional, I have always adhered to business wears and a formal haircut, with not much experimentation on the colors and types of dress. I have often felt bored by this routine lifestyle and wanted to experiment with my style quotient. So an important item in my bucket list is to get myself a major makeover. I envisioned myself to get a funky haircut with spikes (like a footballer’s hairstyle), a large tattoo on my shoulders and brightly coloured suits unlike the boring dull coloured shirts that I normally wear. I sure do hope, someday soon I’ll check this item of my bucket list if I am BefikarUmarBhar
Travel to the 7 wonders :

One of the items in almost anyone’s bucket list would be to travel across the world and visit the Seven Wonders of the World. Having visited the beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra, I have always been eager to see the remaining wonders of the world too, which includes the Great Wall of China, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, Empire State Building etc. So my last and most important item in my bucket list will be completed if I become BefikarUmarBhar and start on my 7 Wonder Tour.

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