One Dimensional Labels

We live in a world that has surpassed several human expectations and definitions of what constitutes to be limited possibilities. We have reached for the stars, walked on the moon and even surveyed Mars with a robot. We have battled terrorism day in and day out, yet on the other side stayed strong to not give up and fight as one. We have crossed milestones, created history all around, and communicated with people in the other part of the world, with devices that are smaller than the size of palm .We have advanced several notches in medical sciences to even cure the rarest of diseases. 
Yet amidst this infinite advancement, what still poses to be a conundrum is that we have not changed nor even attempted to modify basic human perceptions, esp. on women. They have always been subjected to social stigmas, violence humiliation, and injustice or to say the least “You don’t deserve to be here” looks.
Nevertheless, almost anyone would concede the fact that the word Multi-Tasking probably originated from a woman who could easily juggle several jobs and work at once with a will power that may have out powered even the greatest achievers in the world. Not once but on several occasions, I myself have witnessed several women, once on a mission, they never seem to back out and try to finish everything successfully.
One of the common disgraces of our society is labeling women to a single dimension. Be it a housewife or a cook or a professional. Why can’t she be everything and at the same time not be classified under these labels.   What do we do about it despite hearing the question several times worried that the answer is ,Too complex, tried to do something And then just become disgusted with The environment, with the system, and finally  with yourself
If not a grand step , let’s take a call against such labeling and empower a woman to achieve greater and multiple things. Let the same girl be a dancer and a singer and own a company and a mother and a sister and several other things. Let us celebrate the multiple facets of a woman and stand up against one dimensional labels that women are often subjected to. 
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Watch how the girl in picture tries to break away from the stereotype

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