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Bangalore , which is fast shedding its “Garden City” tag and instead becoming the IT capital & Silicon Valley of India is one of the most rapidly advancing cities in the country aided with a massive boom in the Information & Technology Industry.  So almost any career progression in the IT Field seems to be happening only there as the requirement for skilled professionals is on the rise. 
So that makes it an obvious choice to relocate to Bangalore, for anyone who aspires to be successful and work in one of those big MNC’s. However it doesn’t just end there. The whole process of shifting and relocating to a new city in India is a huge nightmare for anyone, especially when the people, language, food and area is new to you. It can be a power struggle until one can eventually settle down in Bangalore and get the hang of the city after several months , if not a year. It makes it even more difficult when you want to relocate alone, find an apartment, buy basic utensils, furniture, home appliances, get a vehicle, obtain nearby area listings etc. 
For starters these are very expensive and it may not be ideal to invest in all of them at once before starting a household. The job may be good but not sufficient enough for the moment to get everything brand new be it a vehicle, furniture or even an apartment. So what do you do in such a case where you don’t know any reliable trusted sources in this city and not get scammed but actually want to settle down at the earliest. This is where Quikr comes in. is India’s no.1 online classifieds platform and helps you search for any of your requirements be it a bike or a house and find a reliable buyer / seller for it. In many cases it even has classifieds that allows you to even rent / hire for a short period.  The quikr platform is so incredibly easy, user friendly and accessible in almost any device while looking up for listings
If I were to move to Bangalore, I would definitely use to purchase most things and here’s how I would do it 

  1. Login to my laptop or login using my Mobile App and select city as Bangalore in it
  2. Select a category I am looking for . In this case, I will be looking for a second hand car to drive around Bangalore. So I’ll select Cars under the Cars/Bikes category
  3. Honda being my favorite brand I would select a Honda Car in the filter menu
  4. Choose the car within my price range and budget and read description to see if it fits my requirements. I don’t want to purchase a very old car and looking for a relatively new car.
  5. Once I find the right listing ,I’ll Contact Seller with the given contact no in the ad .Arrange for a meeting point , review the car ,make a deal after negotiations, pay the advance money upfront using a cheque or cash and start the registration process immediately for transfer ownership
  6. In the event , I don’t find a desired listing, I’d go ahead and create an alert for the specific category and input my requirements as well

Repeat steps 1-6 above for:

  • Renting an Apartment  : In this case personally visit all the shortlisted houses and select the best apartment which is quite accessible and nearby to office.
  • Buying Furniture (Cot, Chairs and Table) 
  • Buying Appliances (Sparingly used TV, Washing Machine and  Refrigerator )
The main advantage is that, in most of these cases like furniture and electronic home appliance, I can merely rely on Quikr, go ahead and ask the seller to ship it to my address while I transfer the money through net banking, hence saving me a lot of hassle of taking leaves and hunting around the city to buy everything.
In most cases, the whole transaction can last a day or two, as compared to weeks when you hunt for a decent reliable second hand piece in paper listings. Looking at paper listings can be unverified, where most of them are merely con artists trying to push off a damaged piece
Overall would save the day for me and help me get settled in Bangalore in a quick and yet comfortable manner

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