We have seen several character assassinations when it comes to women all over the world. It’s so easy to classify them with a one dimensional label, having judged them in just one evening or just one conversation. We overlook most of the times and under estimate a woman’s capability to be more than just one person. 
How quickly we can jump to conclusions without a moment’s notice, probably being ignorant of woman excelling in jobs that were usually meant for only men. Also aided by a rigorous unfair, discriminating practices being handed down in the age old society preventing women from going out to work much or less  working late, this has caused the labelling factor to rise even more. Undoubtedly, in almost every neighbourhood, you can often hear the phrase, “Oh she’s just a housewife”
Almost in all households, a woman is given almost no choices and rather a strict ultimatum is put when passed a certain age to choose one profession. Unconventional or part time hobbies are usually frowned upon as a waste of time and only mainstream professional work is taken seriously.
There have been umpteen examples where several entrepreneurs have become famous in more than just one field. Or to say age doesn’t matter, several housewives have taken up to small time professions to keep the income coming as well as making them occupied in a creative manner.
One major example was the case of JetBlue Airways. In order to cut expensive costs to maintain expensive call centers, JetBlue Airways tried to opt for home call centers. A neighborhood of housewives teamed up together to setup a home based customer support system which worked out so cheap, yet efficient for JetBlue Airways. This is one such perfect example of ruling against an one dimensional labeling against a woman.
How many of our female friends have turned out to be a software engineer and singer and dancer and painter and a voracious reader and a caring sister and a professional chef and a host of other things. It is upon us, in this age and time to stand up against this ridiculous system of one dimensional labeling of a woman and rather celebrate the multitude of things that make them who they are
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