Teddy Travelogues ( A Kids vacation )

Every vacation brings us such wonderful memories and experiences that one cherishes for their entire life. Every place, city or hill station we visit, lives still evergreen in our eyes, always remembering the amazing fun in that vacation. The fun gets multiplied if it’s a large family gathering with people of all ages, especially kids, sharing the fun and experience throughout the journey
Having traveled extensively across the country several times with other families, I have tried to observe what the vacations means to each one of them, especially the little ones. Brimming with energy right from the start, the kids always plan more than adults on what to do, what to carry on along and even the kind of games they would want to play during the trip and the vacation spot
Apart from clothes and shoes, they carry a bunch of things that includes balls, bats, and board games like chess, monopoly, cards, comic books and other toys to ensure they are engaged for the entire trip. Be it the train or the bus, they immediately start forming teams with the other relative’s kids or the other kids in the same compartments.
They have a bristling voice, vigor and liveliness that can almost bring the roof down wherever they are , with loud screams and shrieks during their games or when its food time. Rather  than just a trip to while away time during school holidays, the kids see the whole thing as a huge learning experience to see something new which they haven’t witnessed before. They see each place as a new magical land which they want to explore and run around the gardens, streets and parks and even try to interact with kids of the native area. Nothing compares to the joy they feel, when they are told they will be taken to a new fun place, a nearby theme park or a playground with a lot of fun rides.
Not only to them, but the kids spread so much happiness to those around them, involving the adults in the little games they play. The constant barrage of questions they ask , from where are we going , where is It located , what is special about the place, what is available there and several other million to expand their knowledge and curiosity. These small activities actually manage to create a buzz among us adults that can actually alleviate a lot of family problems, awkwardness and other issues and bring everyone together with their magic.
Even if the family is headed to a small town, the kids manage to keep the trip experience really worthwhile trying out everything available in the place. Not only this, they manage to come up with so many stories back home when they revel in their vacation experience and share it other friends and children.
If I was going on a family vacation with other kids, I’d ensure their safety first of all to prevent any mishaps, accidents or kids getting lost.
Second I would try to get them whatever they desire during the trip, be it an ice cream, chocolate, comic book
Most importantly I would get membership to in a premier club/resort such as Club Mahindra so that wherever I go for a vacation, I need not worry about a suitable accommodation for the family and the kids . Not only that resorts like Club Mahindra offer so much facilities and features for everyone in the family . Predominantly, its located in a very spacious area amidst an enchanting natural settings , be it a jungle or beside the lake or nestled amidst the hills and offer everything a family could ask for: Spacious Rooms, Hygienic multi-cuisine food , Swimming Pools and all other lodging facilities , which can keep the children safe, occupied as well as energized.

Further more , I would try to act as a guide while visiting many tourist spots and city tours, explain to them the importance of that place and enrich their knowledge. I would also organize small games as team activities to keep them occupied and also successfully avoid any problems or disturbance for other families

Altogether make the vacation a fun filled one for both you and your kids

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