The Mouse Charmers : A review

India out of all developing nations has witnessed the explosive growth of E-Commerce with Indian companies vying for a huge chunk of the Internet retailing piece. Starting on a small scale with train and air tickets, almost everything was available online. Be it books, clothes, mobiles, laptops, electronic devices or even groceries one could easily purchase it online with a million choices and even sites to compare the prices, reviews and quality

A recently published book called “The Mouse Charmers” talks in detail exactly about this massive growth of Indian commerce and the people & infrastructure behind these websites while providing a seamless experience to their users

Before starting this book , I literally had no idea that there were so many websites and companies competing in so many categories and trying to outsell each other and gain humongous profits in the process

Some of the categories included : E-Commerce , Information providing sites (Content), Matchmaking Websites, Networking Portals and so forth

The author deeps dive down into the major players of each of these segments and traces their success story right from their startup, growth and how they manage this ever growing business . Some of the famous examples included Flipkart, , Zomato , etc

Probably this is the only book that I’ve come across which has consolidated all the Indian websites and researched , tabulated the size of the Indian E-Commerce industry and definitely a great read for all those future entrepreneurs and MBA/Business school grads who wants to understand the online industry in the most consise and accurate manner than rely on several blogs reporting inaccurate content on the same

The most interesting story reported in this book is the rise of the small blogging portal called which has now India’s leading blogger portal with 35000+  moderated verified blogs listed under them. This phenomenon of Indiblogger making India to encourage writing and blogging was amazing and something no other company could have even wildly imagined. With such a small employee base , their capacity to hold nationwide events, bumper contests in such a frequent manner can only make other networking/blogging portals in awe of them

I’d strongly recommend everyone to purchase this amazing book and make it a highly informative read
Buy the Mouse Charmers here

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