New Year Resolutions with my Canvas Tab P666

Year after year, I have made several New Year resolutions and tried my absolute best to stick to it. However 99% of the times I have let go of trying to achieve that or given up on day 2. 
My resolutions over the past years always been quite common with others from usual dietary goals, fitness goals, developing a new hobby or a language, , aiming for the best employee award , taking trip across the world, getting rid of all unnecessary habits, save more money and reduce debts, stop purchasing unnecessary things or being a spend thrift etc.
However this year, for a change I wanted things to be different.  The goals didn’t change. It may have added an extra one or two than last year, but this time I will definitely manage to achieve everything successfully, and primarily with the help of my purchase of a tablet, Micromax Canvas Tab P666. Given below are the ways by which I’ll achieve my goals with the lightning speed of the Canvas Tab P666
·         Fitness : Almost everyone’s new year resolution will include a goal to be more fit this year , lose weight and actively engage in exercises on a regular basis. With help of the Canvas Tab P666 which has the latest Kit Kat OS and a massive 8GB internal memory and access to the Google play store, I’ll download the popular fitness apps like JEFIT which can help me monitor all my exercise schedules, weight logs, and BMI index measurements. With the lightning speed of the processor and the extended battery life of 6 hours of browsing time, I can use the tab to track and monitor even at the gym
·         Creativity on the move: I always spend hours during traveling to office and forth, doing nothing and wasting the whole time. One of my New Year resolutions is to spend this time wisely and productively. This time, with the help of the Canvas Tab P666, I will download the Microsoft Office suite app which has the Excel, PowerPoint, Word apps with cloud storage. Given the blazing speed of the tablet , I can work on complex formula calculations in my office documents in Excel and design creative presentations using the PowerPoint feature accessing data directly from the cloud with the 3G connectivity
·         Travel the world: With the help of my Canvas Tab P666, I’ll try to look for competitive air fares for different countries in the holiday season with Price checker apps, buy flight tickets, hotel tickets and tour packages online directly from the device. Coupled with a 3g connectivity ,5 MP camera, 1080p video recording and a powerful Intel Atom processor, I can travel across the world everywhere navigating with Google Maps with 3g/WiFi Connectivity , find local restaurants using the Zomato app and hangout with local people using the couch surfing app and take awesome HD clarity selfies in the tourist attractions
·         Work-Life Balance: I’ll definitely aim for a better work life balance this year. Spend more time with family and loved ones on par with the time spent at work. I would use the Canvas Tab P66 to watch HD videos with my family, play games like Commando and Real Racing online with my friends and take beautiful family pics with the 5MP camera
Watch below how you can discover your hidden passions and interests with the all-new Canvas Tab P666 powered by the Intel® Atom Processor

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