Truth will set us Free

As Mahatma Gandhi once said , “Truth never damages a cause that is just”
They say that truth sets us free. It gives us freedom and happiness that no amount of lying to cover up the issue can do. Yes, it does lead us into a lot of unnecessary problems, but it clears our conscience so much, that it eventually overcomes the problems and we can stop trying to cover up further.
Everyone goes through a situation in life, especially childhood where one fearing the wrath of parents tends to lie a lot. There was one such incident in my life that I felt like writing about in this post. Being an ardent cricket fan like almost every kid, I ached longingly to go for cricket practices, play for the school team and get really better at the sport. However being a society that revolves only around studies. Almost no importance was given to sports, especially cricket and it was mainly considered a hobby to be played during school vacations. Meanwhile during school terms,  school after hours were to be spent only on coaching classes for board exams, IIT entrance exams and other engineering entrance coaching classes 
Back in such days, it was considered even a sin to watch cricket, much less play it . Having unable to give up this sport or avoid creating a long break in my sports career, I tried to take up cricket practices whenever I could find time. Just at that time, the sports master announced a new cricket practice session for a 3 month period with a fixed fee. This was considered to be extremely important as it meant direct selections to the school team if you showed great potential in it and shined really well. Being in school, with pocket money just barely enough to cover the bus journey, me and my friends looked for a way to join this important cricket practice session. We decided to come up with a plan where we would claim at home that there was a new coaching session organized by the class teacher that aimed at focusing for the board exam and covering the related questions that will be asked in the exam. All our families readily agreed for such a coaching class after school hours and readily agreed to pay up for the same, irrespective of the amount
I took up the amount and was almost ready to go and pay for the cricket practice session when I realized what a huge blunder I had done by lying to my family. I went up to them the next day and told them that there was no such coaching class by the class teacher and the money was actually needed for the cricket coaching practice.
Initially for the first few hours, there was a huge fight for lying for such things and the focus of playing cricket than studying for exams. Eventually by next day they came around and readily agreed for me to play in the practice sessions and also even try for the selections for the school cricket team. They even very kindly offered to pick and drop me from school till the cricket ground every day and avoid walking and going in buses
Every other day till date, I think of this example which makes me think about the different situations where  I was forced to lie, but told the truth instead and made myself a better person
Watch  one such ad by Kinley that explains the importance of saying the truth and not lying for anything

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