Clean Shave with Gilette

They say love can be blind. It can happen at first sight. Can lurk in every corner and you never know when cupid will strike you. Love doesn’t follow rules or procedures that make you win over her. It always happens over a magical phase of time, and definitely unpredictable. 
Having not being a big fan of Cupid’s actions, I always lived life to my fullest with no regrets and not really gave much thought on personality or grooming to attract someone. 
It was one such day when I was going on with my daily routine, when my friends made plan to hit the beach clubs and called me to get ready. Upon knowing me fully well, they really insisted on me getting a clean shave and doing away with my moustache and beard and also my little stubble that I grew sometimes. I persuaded them to let me come just like that, however to my dismay they were in no mood to listen and hence I finally gave up and went for a complete smooth clean shaven look
We reached the beach club around evening and were having brief conversations over the deck. About that time, I was feeling a bit thirsty and felt like having something to drink. I walked up to the counter and was about to order something when a hand brushed suddenly brushed past my face, gently caressing my smooth skin with soft fingers. Startled for a moment I turned around, finding myself staring at this beautiful person standing behind me. She had sparkling eyes, quite tall and a lovely face that anyone could have fallen in love with almost instantly. She smiled at me, eyes dangling in blush and softly apologized for hitting me accidentally. I replied instantly that it was not a problem and pleasure is mine. She burst into a laugh and almost suddenly complimented me saying, for starters, it was a smooth brush of hands after all and I looked nice with a clean shaved face and had a charming personality
That was when I knew, cupid had set things in action and began to roll the dice. We talked hours later through the night, and thus began something that can never be forgotten in my life. The whole thing happened  all because I had a clean shave with a Gillette .
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