The IPL Mania

Its that time of the year when the cricket frenzy reaches a whole new level in India with the beginning of the IPL 2014 series. This T20 format of the game has garnered the attention of all from 6 to sixty among millions of cricket enthusiasts roaring their support for their home team

Being from Chennai, my fanatical support obviously goes to Chennai Super Kings with a revamped team owing to the auctions , thus giving it even more reasons to support the team and track all the matches played in some medium or the other . Irrespective of wherever I am  , I would always prefer to keep track of the live scores and statistics on the move

Especially on days when CSK is playing , its imperative that i am continuously aware of whats happening in the match .

If its a 8PM match I’ll be at home mostly watching the match live on TV or at a hotel nearby with a giant screen and awesome sound effects . This is a time when i dont take any business meetings or conference calls and put my online status to DND . With a tub of popcorn or french fries , I’d start following the match with intense passion roaring for CSK

If it happens to be a 4 PM match and still stuck in office, i’d quickly switch the tabs to that provides live scores , keeping the communicator status to away so noone would probably disturb and keep pinging. Otherwise I would block a meeting time in my outlook calendar, book a conference room and in the confines and privacy of the room, i’d happily enable the speakers and see the live streaming of the match in the StarSports website

If the above option doesnt work , I’d quickly enable the 3G internet in the phone and enable the mobile scorecard and streaming site to track the live scores

Fortunately to save everyone the trouble, the office canteen has recently setup a 60 Inch HD LED TV with the sports channel and live scores as a tracker . I decided hence that I’d switch my seat from my usual to the the canteen , given the fact that I have anyways a working Hi-Speed WIFI connection throughout the office building

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