Men who make a Difference

There are many people you come across in your lives ,but there are very few who leave a permanent and a powerful impact in your lives , and you tend to forever look up to them as your role model

Their acts of courage , bravery  or selflessness could have made any philanthropist or a rich donor put to shame . It could be a simple act that they do on a daily basis , but it actually means a major impact in someone’s life

One such advertisement in Thailand , made me realize there are indeed people in this world who could actually mean a lot more than God to some other less privileged people

This video rightly titled the “Unsung hero” could move almost anyone to tears

Upon watching this I sat down to think the list of people in my life who I portray to be a role model and often referred in my lingo to as “The Man”.  Despite the innumerable no of people I have come across showing acts of brilliance ,  bravery in desperate times , it was fairly easy to narrow the choice to one guy . This “doesnt want to be named” guy , or rather a colleague in office holds a very esteemed and a very responsible position at office . Yet amongst the demanding long hours and almost everyone needing him at every available instant for some query or the other, this guy still finds to do something he believes in

He runs a charitable trust along with few of his other friends , which aims in serving the poor and homeless people , to meet their basic day to day needs and even fund for their children’s education

Some of the activities he does on almost a twice a week basis include

1) Going on street drives to almost every slum and small areas in town to find homeless people living on pavements and providing them with good food , water , clothes and occasionally even some money to help themselves get basis utilities

Rather than simply donating money to big orphanages  or other homeless shelters who runs by strict conditions and provides to limited people , this guy decided to take up the challenge on its own and began locating the realm payment dwellers and began to help them to arise to a decent standard of living

2) Education  : Some of these payment and slum dwellers have literally no money left to fend for themselves, much less give it for their kids’ educational needs. This colleague hence setup a small place like a classroom in his area and asked all their kids to be sent to this class on the weekends where there were taught by crowd sourced teachers who wanted to make a difference to not only the kids in their school but also to these poor kids. The kids were then provided free food, given clothes, reading materials helping them to learn to read and write
I happened to heard some of them even managed to enroll to a proper government school thanks to him

3) Being Human : Apart from all these selfless charitable activities , I felt more than anything he was down to earth and an excellent human being who actually had the heart to help any person he can when they were in a dire need of help . That one single quality made me look up to him as an ideal role model for not just me but for most of my colleagues in office

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