Go further to get closer : Anything for Love

They say when it comes to true love , nothing matters, except for love itself

It extends beyond all these dimensions and explores a world of infinite possibilities where anything’s
 possible and bound by no limits. It doesnt restrict itself to race, colour, country,caste or status . Love and commitment can truly give a person, a sense of direction, a purpose and an ambition to cross the skies to achieve great things. It eliminates the fear and gets you on a racing wheel never to look behind or sit and worry if you’ll fail. True love given an indomitable strength to engage a thousand and beat all odds against it

What can be actually achieved for the sake of love was beautifully reminded to me by the most beautiful of poems I’ve read by Rudyard Kipling
The poem goes on to describe a man’s journey to seek a rare set of “Blue roses”  across the world but all he could find was red and white roses. The poem’s lines indicate the embarassing bravery a man could set forward to get what his love wants.

” Roses red and roses white
Plucked I for my love’s delight.
She would none of all my posies–
Bade me gather her blue roses.

Half the world I wandered through,
Seeking where such flowers grew.
Half the world unto my quest
Answered me with laugh and jest “

The promise of commitment you give in love is a “forever” partnership that you cannot let go , nor take it lightly or for granted . So that brings up the question : How much further would you go to get closer  ?

Despite those vivid dreams to do wonderful things ,and spend quality time with your significant other , when it comes to a practical implementation , it can actually get difficult. Some are bound by a financial constraint and may not be able to afford on expensive romantic gestures. Some have the means to do things, but stuck in a demanding job and literally doesn’t have any time to plan or venture out for holidays with your love

To some it could be genuine reasons for not being there. But to me its all lame excuses . To me a man is really worth himself, when he can break free of these shackles and actually do things that can mean a whole lot to his partner.

When I looked back and realized the things i have done and things I haven’t done , I have been able to understand what it actually means to be there for someone and not let them down at any cost
Upon thinking what i might have done otherwise given a second chance to  rework the magic and actually do something , I struck upon an thought which I have described below

An unfulfilled dream  :
In most cases , the girl usually sacrifices a lot when she ends up moving in with the person she loves or marrying him and enters a new territory. She may have had a lot of unfulfilled dreams . A lot of her ambitions would have been crushed. She probably had to quit a lucrative career/job to move into a different city , which otherwise the earlier job would have taken her places . She may, in many cases that I have seen had to quit her college education midway and probably get settled to be a housewife

If given a chance , I’d do something radical .If I had learnt that my girl had long term wishes to study abroad and say complete a post graduate degree in her discipline but had to give up because of the marriage, I would apply for  her , to all the top universities abroad ( UK/US )after intensive research
If there’s an offer of acceptance for her (with or without scholarship) , I’d contribute the remaining funds out of my own pocket or even take an education loan (No matter how much it costs) .Take a year’s leave of absence from my firm (or apply for a work from an offshort location permission) .
Fly with her to UK/US , in a premium airline like British Airways and  stay with her there till she finishes her education , support her all the way through and ensure her key dream is accomplished

To me , any no of expensive platinum or diamond pendants , or a short holiday cant make up for what she had to sacrifice for the relationship. Yes , the roses, the gifts , and the love is important in conveying the importance of your relationship, and communicating to her that she still means a lot to me. But on a long term perspective I’d actually make her one true wish come alive , no matter what it takes

I came across one amazing video that beautifully illustrates what I just described above . The person in question , understanding that his wife hadn’t got any opportunity to spend quality time with her , tried to do something that actually came as a big shock and a massive surprise to her that she can never forget for the rest of her life and its a must watch for everyone who wants to make a big difference in their lives

What inspired me to write this post was this beautiful video that i shared above and incidentally the British Airways contest to write about what i would do to get closer to someone I love . Here’s the link if you want to express your thoughts too  :  http://bit.ly/1epU8Uj

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