Fragrances of the House : Smelley to Smiley

There’s always something about your home that makes it so special than any place in the world .  Be it the one you grew up in or the one you currently bought ,with all that hard earned money, with those skyrocketing rates of interest on the home loan , you finally feel get to sense the sweet smell of victory , a sense of accomplishment and a settlement of life

We travel to different places everyday . An office , the gym, the nearyby supermarket , an hospital , or on a vacation ,you get to a new city , probably on the hills or the beach side and each has its distinct smell that makes you connected to that place . The brain stores all the events, sights, sounds and even SMELL by creating a distinct link/chain to remember that memory . When the same sight or smell reappears the chain gets activated and the brain remembers the person or place associated with it. Intensity of Smell ranges from no odor , weak ,mild ,distinct ,strong and intolerable . The huge range of air fresheners, perfumes , body sprays, deodrants lie on the extreme borderlines between mild and strong

Surprisingly, our simple abode , has the potential to create very strong linkages and bonds just with the effect of smell , so much so powerful that even a man who has lost his memory due to an accident or trauma has the possibility to recover most of it , just by the smell and odor of the house he lives in . Every good and bad memory buried deep within his brain is rekindled and brought back in flashes as if it never went anywhere in the first place . No amount of money or luxury or medicine can recover wonderful memories than the power of smell

After a brief change in cities due to a work posting for 6 months, I returned back home after a long trip. There was obviously so many things that changed in the house in this span of time ,with new furnitures, rearranging of cots and tables, new wall paints and other minor upgrades . Yet despite all these changes and remodellings, one thing that still strongly lingered on was the smell . It was so distinct that you cant feel or experience it anywhere else .It’s as if it was rooted within the deep boundaries of the walls of the house.

The entrance of the house, the Foyer where the newspapers and shoes were kept brought me back to thinking of my old school days, where I had almost four to five pairs of school formal shoes and white canvas shoes which were perennially dirty or wet and in an unusable condition esp on an important day at school. The smell of the old canvas shoes with the thick smell of the black and white polish which was almost partially pungent stayed .The shoes were gone, the polish bottles and their smell were lying scattered in the shoe closet , yet the memory remained

Coming inside to the main hall I could smell the fragrance of those roses and jasmine flowers in the vase near the coffee table and its something thats found a permanent place in the house.  Everyday morning for the past 2 decades and more , the flower lady comes and places a small quantity of flowers (jasmine, roses, and other green,red flowers) around the door knob which then automatically finds its place near the coffee table as a decorative article. Besides the hall is the balcony where the  “mini garden is kept including tulsis,money plants and other small flower pots .

The combined smell of these flowers reminded of those childhood days where the neighboring kids used to sit beside the hall and balcony and water those plants and watch those flowers bloom the next day
The associated childhood memory could be a small one,  but I believe on a larger perspective it plays a crucial part in shaping the person whom you are and what you choose to be

Besides the hall and the garden balcony , the most striking and extremely addictive smell came from the only place I used to frequent every now and then  :  The Kitchen . I guess the amount of memories associated with the kitchen can never be equivalent to almost any place in the house . The aromatic smells of the delicious dishes being cooked right from the strong coffee powers to the rice in the pressure cooker to the hot steaming sambar in the stove induces a strong reaction even in the taste buds , if not the different food parties arranged together with friends.
The number of times you walked into your house feeling so hungry ,and seeing whats available and then looking up to see one of your most favourite dishes right in front of you being cooked. That moment of imagery which you can never forget in your life. Definitely a “Ratatouille moment”

 Last of all is the bedroom where the sweet smell of AmbiPur Air Freshner lingers right through the night and even during hot summer days maintaining a peaceful and calm atmosphere not just in the bedroom but also in your inner state of mind

The fragrance and the long lasting freshness somehow makes you feel , that the air is lighter and much cooler than what it seems to be with just a whiff of this air freshner . I could only remember those longggggg blissful hours of sleep with no record of time and day ,without disturbances as the AmbiPur Air Freshner begins to weave into my mind creating happiness and  wonderful dreams
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