Healed the world with your music !

Its’ a sad day for the world of music, as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away last morning, suffering from a heart attack. A tragic end to an amazing genius, who simply ruled the world with his mind blowing music, and creating an entirely new trend in the world of Pop and R&B

As we grew up listening to his everlasting music, his death can be quite hard to accept, as we sometimes relate and assume eternal immortality to our icons and their piece of art.
Some of his songs including “Jam, Remember the Time, Black or White Heal the World, Just Beat It, You Rock my world” and several other singles still loop around in millions of hearts and stands the test of time

With several allegations to his name, and millions in debts, MJ’s life wasn’t as glorious as his music turned out to be, and despite his acquittal in all the 12 cases levied against him for child abuse, his image was completely tarnished and defamed by the media and press. He went close to bankruptcy and was almost forced to sell his Texas ranch to clear of his debts and legal suits. After suffering from various illnesses for the past 10 years, Jackson was due for a comeback concert on July 13, and his death could only be an ironic end to all the speculations and reports surrounding him.

As I usually say , “Someone who creates good music is a genius ,but someone who defines music is God. And there’s one and only god – Michael Jackson

Long live his music and may his soul rest in Peace

5 thoughts on “Healed the world with your music !

  1. MJ was God. Indeed! In many ways. He changed the way the world looked at coloured people, for one. Entertained us till the last hair on our skins stood. Made a whole generation crawl all the way to music stores to pick up his albums. RIP.

  2. Murali that was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. I LOVE YA MJ!

    **his image was completely tarnished and defamed by the media and press.

    I agree. The media and some very negative ppl wrecked his image. But he didnt go down with it. There's a whole lot of others who still love and respect him. The reaction to his death is enough proof of how much of a rockstar he was!

    He is GOD indeed!



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