Make hay while sun shines but Make ur sale when it Rains

Have you ever wondered how to prevent a major dampening in sales especially when it pours heavily or during a rough weather climate ? Or given up , after being frustrated and attributed the problem to external factors – “The Nature”
It’s just not you but it’s the same across the world

People do tend to stay indoors in a bad weather and refuse to go out and shop

An insight already picked up by the “Restaurant and Pizza Chains” who suddenly came up with a free home delivery service , to cover up for those canceled lunch and dinner dates or meetings

So what do you do ,if you have a retail store.How do you make the guy sitting on the couch enjoying the weather, come out , travel in that rain ,snow or blizzard and walk into your store and buy something?

Simple. Offer a “Customized Day” sale !
To be more precise , introduce a “Rain Day Sale” – Offer a 25 % flat discount sale or a free gift ,on any rainy day ,applicable throughout the year . Be it the rare downpour in the hot summer or the monsoon rains in Winter ,the rule still applies .

The level of customization is endless in this. It can be anything from a “Snow Day sale” to a
“1st of the month day sale”
Apart from converting a major calamity into an opportunity , it also gives the store a distinguishable advantage from the others
The store thus gets a strong association with the word rain in the minds of the customer and hence increases the top of the mind recall

So remember , the next time it need not be only the umbrella guy who makes the most when it rains.It can be even you !

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