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I might have as well written this as a comment , but probably many might have missed it..I gladly appreciate all those who took the time to comment in detail thought u might have completely disagreed with me on my views. Its purely a different perception each one has

There are a few more points i might wish to include, and also in response to few people’s comments

As per the comments i receieved , and if one were to target only the metrosexuals, I
am sorry to say India is still “not there” yet and the percentage of these people might
not even be 0.1 %,so serving such a tiny market can never be profitable ,and i can
safely assume they already use all kinds of creams and gels from Nivea to
lakme to watever

There was a time, when there was only coconut hair oil available in the market ,
and these so called “metrosexuals” found it so “uncool” to use them or even
admit doing so , because of the stickiness and the smell.
This is where Brylcreem found an amazing category,that of a men’s hair cream and a gel ,
which was followed dutyfully by the likes of Parachute themselves ,
by introducing a hair cream .Can u believe that? Parachute Hair Cream !!

HUL , might have wished to emulate the same in the fairness cream segment,
where most men found it so uncool to admit using one.
So they bring up a men’s fairness cream

Reason why Brylcreem succeeded and not Fair and Handsome :
Well for starters , Brylcreem was a great product .Great packaging and more importantly a excellent brand name that exuded masculinity. Their Target segment was so clearly defined in their brand name itself.

Reason why Fair and Handsome will fail. Its a girly name.. Fair & Lovely, Fair & Handsome ! That is some creative thinking !
Even a fifth grader can come up with a better “masculine” name.
I asked around twenty female friends of mine across the country,
what would u say ,if ur friend said he used Fair and Handsome or seen carrying one
Their reply was in unison : I’d laugh like anything

The surprising thing is , a fairness cream is a product that is totally accepted..It is not even remotely connected to a product that is still considered Taboo in the country (Still the brand names and the positioning, makes it feel so uncomfortable)

My solution (again) : Reposition towards “health” and not “fairness”

6 thoughts on “Update on my previous post

  1. A brand that has become a 50crore brand with 30%+ market share in its category is certainly not a dumb. This category has already invited competition with levers and other following. I donot know what measure you have used when you say that the brand has failed. Old stereo types in urban india are radically changing. Hence, this category is also expected to grow. Also, when you ask a friend or any xyz, they may not come out openly about their personal toiletries. If people are not using it, how come there is a sales of 50crores??

    Also, remember, its not a bad name. Masculinity and being fair never gel well. Thats why a via-media name of fair & handsome. I find the name perfectly fine. There are lot of guys who typically want to look like Tom Cruise & QSQT Aamirkhan. Brylcreem would have worked. But, thats all together a different category.

    In fact, in my experience, external applications work well when positioned on fair/beauty/handsome plank in a nascent category like this rather than on a health plank. Indian market is still to evolve on a health platform. Repositioning towards health would be a disaster for them. Already there are clearasil cream and other medical brands. Then, they’ll become followers in a small category. (Atleast they are pioneers, and leaders in a new growing category)

    As per your data, if the metrosexuals’ population is not even 0.1%, the health conscious people in this category would not be even 0.001% !!

  2. Naming of Fair & Handsome
    – It was not HLL but Emami which came up with first Mens Fairness Cream
    – F&L have to react in short time, as it was eating their MS.
    – F&L is the market leader, and at that point it has to have its Men variant.
    -“New Brand” from F&L /HLL was going to leverage on F&L brand.
    – Its an Brand extension of F&L ,hence it has to be Fair & “something”.
    – Now talking about a male customer who is using f&l(or not using regularly, but has used in past or wants to use), Emami came up with perfect solution Fairness cream for Man . When f & l came up with men pdt, and customer accepted it as it was from the house which is synonym to fairness .

    First is need than solution than product and than imagery and than import availabilty.

  3. And ya traditionally its Tall , Dark and Handsome.
    Had this been true for Indian market than Ajay Devgan and Sunil shetty wud have heart throb / (or atleast have their image at GYMS )not of John ABraham and Hritik.

    Also now dont say Amitabh bachan is TDH , he is anything but definately not dark. Hez is/was definitely not as fair as Rishi/Shashi kapoor, but still fair.

    Trust its fairness which sells by all fairness.

    What Macho are you talking about , how many macho hero/role/ character we have /had.
    You will find Macho man only at Akharas/ Lux ads no where else.
    Tell us a single Macho idol , Hritik no, aBRAHAM NO , aBHISHEK NO , None, they are gud looking family guy with some Indian/Family/middle class value.
    Ya Feroze Khan was one Macho hero , Dharmender (no all you can think of is Ma).

  4. Kindly ignore my previous posts , it was written in some stupid major hurry, will come back later ,

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