Did You Know?

Westside, a popular apparel retail store belongs to Tata?

Titan, India’s leading watch brand belongs to Tata?

When did u realize, Xerox is actually a company and not a technology or a process to photocopy documents?

(Can u Xerox in a Canon machine?)

Flying Machine , New Port , Ruf & Tuf , Excalibur are all owned and manufactured by Arvind Mills

Arrow, Lee, Wrangler , Tommy Hilfiger are licensed brands by the same Arvind Mills

(So the next time you see a tag behind a jeans, which says Lee or Arrow or Wrangler, just remember its all the same jeans ,produced in the same factory . Only the tag names change)

If you wonder why you paying the extra Rs.500 for a Lee than a Newport, it is because of the brand equity and brand image they own)

Ginger Hotel Chain, belong to the Taj Group of Hotels, which in turn is owned by the Tata
Lexus is not a separate car company, and actually manufactured by Toyota ?

Spencer’s Daily, Saregama (a music company) , CEAT Tires is all owned by the RPG group
KFC , Pizza Hut , Taco Bell is owned by the Yum Brands Inc ?

American giant IBM has sold out their entire laptop division to Lenovo, a Chinese firm

Aashirwad, Sunfeast, Bingo,Mint-o,Candyman Hotel Chola ,WelcomGroup of Hotels ,John Players , Wills Lifestyle Store, Wills Designer brand of clothing, Goldflake, Kings Cigarettes , Fiama Di Wills , Vivel Di Wills , MangalDeep Agarbathi , Classmate Notebooks are all owned by the ITC Brand

(A cigarette company owns an Agarbathi Company? Well, you see they are in the smoke business.Hehehe)

6 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. actually no..
    Yum Brands was long spun off by Pepsi , back in 1997 itself..
    its a separate company , and does not belong to Pepsi Co anymore, since Pepsi felt they didnt proerply fit in the restaurant business

  2. trade mark marketing student ..! very interesting one. I shud admit very submissively that i dint know even one in it.(obv cause am not a marketing stud :D) keep posting things like these.

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