“Incidental PR” – As Real As it Gets

Shilpa Shetty ,Sreesanth, Simbu, ShahRukh Khan

What do these people have in common ?

Well, they have all played an unknowing yet a crucial part in promoting whichever
event they were involved in,and as a successful PR agent .

Who says PR is all about doing successful charity shows , CSR stuffs,donations to orphanages & sponsoring major events

The racial abuse of Shilpa Shetty has almost sparked off a tipping point which enables media companies to popularise their dull and boring “so called Reality” shows into a widely watched programme with TV viewersip soaring to the roof .

No amount of advertising or media campaigns could have even come near the success contributed by a small racial abuse on “Ms.Shetty” . The news literally got fire , as the Govt intervened, newspapaper dailies and TV Channels with screaming headlines about the incident and the show and the emotional and moral support shown
by her “loyal” fans..

Well , if the show is managing to become a front page article in a newspaper ,what better PR does one ask for ?

If that was for the UK version , the regional media channel , Star Vijay soon caught up with thisconcept in a differentiated local way . Silambarasan , the judge of a popular dance show “Jodi Number One” ( initially adapted from “So you think you can dance” in AXN) stormed out of the show in a controversial way , because of a comment gone wrong . The media and several regional magazines were in almost a frenzy to popularise it, and Star Vijay cashing in heavily on this incident , with advertisements and sponsors pouring into the show .

It wasnt a surprise when Star Vijay even went to the extent of showing the incident as an ad between programs , for people to talk about the show . It may be an “arranged” one or even happened truely , but in the end , It was A Job Well Done

With Reality shows becoming a hit , it was the turn of IPL , who also managed to get a fair piece of the pie , when Harbajhan slapped SreeSanth.Cricket may be a gentleman’s game , but when emotions going high ,the reactions can go deadly. It was not the slap or the huge penalty imposed by IPl by Harbajhan that made this incident so ignominious , but the tears shed by
Sreesanth , that actually was responsible in cauing all the furor and excitement in this form of the game .

Times are changing , and way people do business or plan marketing strategies have radically changed. PR too is now set for a change in its own way .

P.S . – PR too doesnt stand for Positive(Public) Relations anymore .
Its Popularizing Relations

The man responsible for it, being in the giving end or at the receiving end,
whichever matters, walks away with the golden trophy.
(maybe thats why they call him “The Man of the Hour”)

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