Dream come True – Meeting with Archer

The Master Storyteller in Town

It certainly is one of those rare days , when one gets to meet face to face with their role model who have inspired them so much in their life..That day came for me today , when Lord Archer , the greatest novelist in the world came down to Chennai , to promote his recent book, A Prisoner of Birth

The speech he gave was one of those finest speeches i ever heard in my life.

Some extracts from his speech :

“I ‘d go to London and let the major authors there,know that their book is not an international bestseller , if it isnt sold at a traffic signal in Delhi or Chennai”

“The Prisoner of Birth might be similar to The Count of Monte Cristo , but the way i made it different was its plot,the prison life and the way Danny Cartwright takes revenge . Every Novel I write is a part of my biography and so is Prisoner of Birth.Even Jane Austen wrote almost six novles which was mostly inspired from her own life “

“The T20 is not cricket at all. Real Cricket is where , Rahul Dravid & V.V.S.Laxman plays two full days in Melbourne in a Test Match against a formidable Australian Attack. “

“I write from morning 6-8, take a 2 hr break, again resume writing from 10-12,take a 2 hr break,again write from 2-4, a 2 hr break and then resume from 6-8
After 55 days of this routine ,i complete only my first draft.
The Prisoner of Birth took 17 drafts to complete. So to all u budding authors , when u come and tell me ,’I have finished my book’. Ur wrong. U have just completed your first draft”

“The beauty of R.K.Narayan lay in narrating a story , about a funny simple fictional village with small characters and in the process making them giants. Whereas other authors make giants into small people.

“The only thing in which I have a better record with J.K.Rowling , is that, her first Harry Potter was rejected by 16 publishers , and my first book “Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less” was rejected by 18 publishers”

“I will be back in December to see England thrash India in the test tour. The Score card will read, Sehwag 0 , Sachin 1 , Ganguly 2 ,Dravid 2 ,Laxman 1 and it will be 25 for 7 at Lunch . and u See I’m a Story Teller 🙂 “

5 thoughts on “Dream come True – Meeting with Archer

  1. Congralutions on your dream come true:-) Am a great fan of Mr.Archer as well, but missed this golden oppurtunity.

  2. True Jefferey Archer is nice novelist!

    His best being “As the crow flies”, “The train robbery”
    The Prodigal Daughter, Kane & Abel, The 10th Commandment, many more..

  3. i have no interest in reading novels or books but reading excrepts of archer, i think i may read one of his book.. it is really nice speech…. after all he is story teller and record breaker of J K rowling…..

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