Survival Of the Fittest

A Movie review

June 5 , it was ,when i entered the theater, to watch the most awaited
Selvaraghavan movie, Pudhupettai..
And to say i was utterly dissapointed is a bit off the track ,since there were some
exceptional features in the movie..
Well the first i noticed was the camera work (A digital format called Qube first introduced in this movie, worked out so wonderfully) and the other one was the brilliant nerve shattering background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja..

Dhanush with his ever so lean body could have atleast put on some pounds
to act in such a big gangster kind of movie.
He seems miserable while fighting and when raising his voice..

The most miserable aspect of the film is blood..any moment ur in for a big slaugter scene.At a stage, one gets so irritated , that he even wishes for the hero to be murdered and the film to get over soon..

The film resembles many popular yesteryear Gangster movies like ScarFace by Al Pacino and The Godfather by Marlon Brando.. After watching all those brilliant movies i really regret to a great extent watching this movie.

The film has a caption “The Survival of the Fittest”. It certainly is, cos it really tests which person can really withstand to watch the movie till the last moment.

3 thoughts on “Pudupettai

  1. This is truely one of the worst movie i have ever seen…. wen u come outa theater.. u get a feeling u r coming outa graveyard…Good work karthik.. ur review is to the point..

  2. Well.. its pretty easy to say… i agree that the movie could have been better.. but calling this a worse movie and comparing this with Scarface and The Godfather is no fair!No other tamil movie has gone even half the distance of those movies! the new guys are doing a good job! there are so many scenes which deserves appreciation! except for the climax.. most scenes were executed well.. and dhanush has done a good job, despite the odds of his physique..
    Its not completely a bad movie and i disagree with end of your post

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