Learnt a lesson finallY?

With the conclusion of the recent five match one day series against the West Indies,
the Indian cricket team has clearly realised what it lacks the most..
A passion towards the game, an attitude to win and last but not the least

As quoted by Brian Lara , one person that could have made all the difference would have been
Sachin.. The Indian team with its highly inexperienced squad,other than Dravid and Sehwag,
was humbled by a team , which most countries prefer to call as minnows.

With careless shot selections , giving away wickets too easily, dropping simple catches and in nunmerable run outs, the Indian team was never in the race to win the matches nor the series as a whole..
Players like Suresh Raina,Sreesanth,Ramesh Powar and a few others provided the West Indian batsmen a superb batting practice,especially players like Lara,Gayle and Sarwan who made mincemeat out of them..

Those people who stayed late night,esp in India to see till the last ball, must have clearly predicted,after seeing the way they played, that this present Indian squad without Sachin can never even get through the first round in the World Cup, to be held next year..

And the inevitable question to be asked now is
Will the Indian team rise again and do something about the forthcoming test series?

And finally let me congratulate Lara for his splendid performance and wish him a great journey ahead in his life , after his enchanting and most memorable cricketing career coming to an end..

2 thoughts on “Learnt a lesson finallY?

  1. So you think Sachin would have made the difference? Hmm. Not me. I personally feel, his best days are behind. Let the Indian team lose a few series’. It will groom an Youngster.!

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