If some responsible and energetic and a youthful citizen is watching the news for the past
one week, then it would have been no surprise if he asked himself this question….

I am getting enraged as I begin to write this post, just after watching the news
that The Da Vinci Code which was slated for a worldwide release tomorrow
is to be put on a temporary hold in India.
This decision was made by the utterly useless Information and Broadcast ministry
after many catholic organizations had requested to ban it.
The question I’m asking is when this ministry allows such horrible and incorrigible
porn flicks to get released all over India, why can’t they allow a brilliant and thought provoking film like The Da Vinci Code, based on a brilliant novel written by Dan Brown, to be released ?

India , being a democratic country, is not supposed to discriminate the issues
and must let the people to decide what is right for them..
If a certain group of organisations feel that this film aint good, then they can boycott the film
among them and not across the nation….

I certainly dont need any introductions and brief description about the recent quota issue
that has sparked a great level of interest in the student’s community
and more particularly the media..

I jus cant seem to figure out how India will be in the future , though anyone with the least
sense of common knowledge would dream it to be the next super power , overtaking the United States…
But with the recent quota system being proposed or one can even say mostly implemented
(50 % quota for bc and sc/st in major instituitions like IIM and IIT and even in the medical sector) , I cant even imagine India to be next to even a minnow like China, who some twenty years ago was nowhere is now surprisingly becoming a huge global leader in the field of technology.

One of the major thing that India boasts about it its IIM and IIT ‘s.
When the government is proposing a higly unacceptable quota system like this,
one cannot but wonder the quality of students being produced by it…

Finally the one thing that ponders over my mind is
why is this demonstration and anti -reservation protests taking place in only 4 cities
and not the entire country..?
And as a Chennaiite all i’m asking is why arent we particiapating in it…..?

Pls send in your comments in this…


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