Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Exclusive Top Deals of Big Billion Day of Flipkart

Flipkart , one of the leading E-commerce websites in the country is back with their Big Billion Day sale. Ever since they started this concept, it has become a major hit to the users and one of the most anticipated events in the calendar, just a week before the Dussehra / Navratri Festival in India.
Some of the deals available are really amazing and jaw-dropping to say the least. So full use of this post of big billion day top deals.

big billion day top deals flipkart

But of course , you should be having the right resources to find such good deals in the website , before they are out of stock. I have been constantly trackingMobil this sale for more than 3 years now and managed to get a knack of finding the "Loot" / "Steal" Deals as they often call it. Be it shoes, mobiles, electronics or other appliances, there's plenty of offers that has been announced in this sale.

In addition to the discounts, you also have  credit/debit card/wallet discounts and they are as follows
  • 10% Instant discount with SBI Debit and Credit Cards
  • Get 10% cashback on payments via PhonePe account


Dates of Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale

Sep 20- 24th :
  1. Fashion 
  2. TV & Appliances
  3. Home & Furniture
Sep 21-24th :
  1. Mobiles
  2. Electronics
  3. Accessories

So here's a short post about the top deals you can get your hands these 5 days between Sep 20-Sep 24th.

Big Billion Day Top Deals

(Offers will be updated whenever a new deal appears)

Recent Updates
1.Yonex GR301 Mavis Combo Badminton Kit (Pack of 6) for just 874 

Visit Here

2. 50% off on L'Oreal and other Fashion Products
Visit Here

Top Mobile Offers :

  • iPhone SE 32GB MRP : 22,000
Current Price : 18000 - 1500(SBI Card) = 16,500

Visit Here

  • Huawei P9  :  Rs 39999 (MRP)
Current Price Rs 14999
Visit here

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 :  Rs 46000 (MRP)
Current Price: Rs 29990
Visit here

  • Moto C Plus : Rs 6999  (MRP)
Current Price : Rs 5999
Visit here

Electronics/Appliance Offers

  •  Vu 40' FHD TV (MRP : 26,000)
Current Price 19,000 + 10% off in SBI card
Visit here
  • Onida 43' FHD TV( MRP : 31,000)
Current price : 28,000 - 1500(SBI Card) . Net Price = 26500
Visit Here

  • Acer Predator Gaming Laptops ( MRP : 1,00.000)
Current Price : 49,990
Visit here 

Fastrack Titan Smart Band (MRP : 2000)
Current price : 1381
Visit Here 
  • Braun Silk Epilator ( MRP : 1999 )
Current Price :  999
  • Wonderchef Coffee Maker ( MRP : 2000)
Current Price : 499
Visit Here
  • LG Washing Machines ( Min 20% Discount + 10% Card discount)
Visit here
  • Samsung 23L Grill & Microwave Oven 
Current Price : 6999
Visit Here
  • Puma Shoes ( With Variable Discounts )
Visit Here

Monday, September 18, 2017

Preethi - Brand Analysis and TurboChop Review

I got an interesting chance to be part of a bloggers part , organized by Preethi Appliances, a renowned Home and Kitchen appliances brand. The event was called "Blog Jam" and in process learnt quite a bit about namma Chennai's very own Preethi Brand.
preethi brand analysis
The agenda primarily included a mini blogging workshop by a food blogger and the second session was about photography for food blogging (I learnt some seriously great insights, tips and tricks on the second session in particular).

Preethi - A Brand analysis

Having done Marketing as my core specialization in my post graduation, I have always taken keen interest in "Domestic" brands that has given a good fight against the internaitonal and national brands which generally comes with deep pockets. Be it a Cavin Kare or a Preethi, there has been quite a number of brands from Chennai which have capitalized a large national market share and won the David vs Goliath war in marketing. Preethi is a very example of such a beautiful brand that has etched a deep emotional connect with every Chennaiite across all generations.

Brand "Preethi" has an unbeatable stronghold in the kitchen appliance market in South India with more than 30% market share in the 1000+ crore grinder / mixer / juicer market. The quality of the products spoke volumes about the brand and became a synonymous name in every household.

Having started around 1978, they gained significant popularity around the late 80's and is remained on top for the past 30 years.

In fact, it's quite to suffice to say that the market of wet grinders and mixers were pioneered by Preethi. It's almost hard to any find house that may not use a Preethi product one way or another, esp in states like Tamil Nadu (base of their operations), Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The "Preethi Guarantee" Campaign

One of the reasons for their share of success was also attributed to the "Preethi ku naan guarantee" (Translated : I can guarantee for Preethi anyday) ads .Till day, the elderly people in everyone's house swears by the brand and wouldn't tolerate any other brand being operated in the kitchen. The fierce loyalty is something hard to acquire & probably every brand would be dying to get.

preethi brand portfolio

They however couldn't find similar success up north , with other national/international brands having more dominance. Though this didn't stop their ambitious plans to expand to other Asian, Middle eastern countries .

In 2011, they were acquired by Philips . Being a Home Appliance leader , this acquisition kinda made perfect sense to their product line . They might as well be a "Home & Kitchen" Appliance leader. However, on a surprising note, I had absolutely no idea that this acquisition had happened, given that the two brands (Preethi & Philips) were kept separate since the start, primarily for the brand name each carried in their own space.

Competition in most of the products was primarily restricted to other unbranded products or city based brands that didnt put much of a fight.

Target Audience :

Their primary target audience was woman, though not confined to them, given the actual buyer is the head of the family . Interestingly, their ads not only appealed to the older generation of women, but also the modern independent woman who wanted an appliance that could get all her cooking needs done in a flash, without any compromise on quality.

The Ad Campaign

My personal favourite though was the  campaigns that featured the "Grandmother" series

Preethi Product Range

Preethi's main foray was in Grinders , Mixers , Juicers, Glass Stoves and the recent foray in Induction cookstops as well. Other products include Mini Mixies/choppers  called Turbo Chop & Rice cookers.

Preethi Iconic was also one of the key highlights of this workshop. A mini "Table top" grinder that adopts a pyramid cone structure for the blocks inside while doing a reverse grinding. The company here claims 0 wastage, 50 % less space for storage and more importantly saves additional 30% of the nutritional stuff. Approx cost was roughly 8000 INR from my understanding. 

To be fair, I happened to see the product on display and witnessed a mini demo , though never got the chance to personally try it out nor can provide a expert comment on its actual performance.

preethi astro table top grinder
"Preethi Iconic" Grinder

The Turbo Chopper Experience

No I didnt get to go on a chopper ride , but rather got a chance to try Preethi's Turbo Chop vegetable chopper or sometimes even referred to as #PreethiMiniMixie.

preethi turbochop review

(Disclaimer: I have never come close to even remotely cutting vegetables and this was the first time personally using a vegetable chopper).

So I figured that, all I had to do is drop a piece of onion, cut into two into the machine, and pressed the top lid. In a matter of seconds, the onion became shredded to fine bits . No tears, no smell. Just one lid press and it was done. The same was assured of other vegetables like Beetroot, Cabbage and even Nuts. So if you are someone who's been relegated to vegetable cutting duty at home, this could be your life saviour :)

If you are interested in the details, this link may help you out :

The Food Blogging Workshop

The event had a mini 2 hr session on photography for Food Blogging by Chef Umashankar Dhanpal. Theme was primarily on how to make the presentation of a food, visually appealing especially while shooting for a magazine or blogs , websites etc.

I never knew that the components of a food, background, depth , colour  and even a simple smoky effect could drastically improve the quality of the picture being shot.

food blogging workshop

food blogging workshop

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Indoor Air Pollution - Protect with Royale Atmos

We, as a nation, have always vied for the top spot , be it cricket , economy or education or rather everything else. However surprisingly we have hit the top spot only on air pollution. Reports indicate that the national capital, Delhi has the worst air quality level among 1600 cities across the world. I suddenly realized why the craze to buy an air purifier all of  a sudden, kinda hit the roof in the city, though it became super expensive at a stage.

Source :

As against a standard limit of 60 for PM2.5 and 100 for PM 10, Delhi hit 999 micrograms per cubic meter in Nov 2016, making it one of the worst smogs the city has ever faced (Smog = Smoke + fog). That is more than 15 times the limit, which can lead not only to asthma, sinus, lung/respiratory diseases but also cause terminal diseases like cancer.

(PM 2.5 stands for particles less than 2.5 Microns while PM 10 stands for particles lesser than 10 microns).

Oxygen Impurity

It's only fair to expect that basic Oxygen we breathe day in and day out should be pure, devoid of any pollution . But that’s a short lived dream.  Given the rising population , growing no of vehicles of the road , while we build more and more concrete jungles , the air quality has taken a drastic hit in the roads. So now we safely assume that it’s better to stay indoors, as there is no pollution inside and air is pretty clean.

We couldn’t have been any wrong than that. It is not only the lack of awareness of indoor air pollution that hits us, but also the dangerous side effects we have been ignoring all along. Quite shockingly, we are constantly vulnerable even more diseases, which outside air pollution usually causes. Next time you feel dizzy or have a splitting headache , it could also be because of strong air pollution levels.

Sources of indoor air pollution include:

  • The wood we have in our living room has a special element called formaldehyde which can be a harmful agent. This formaldehyde is something that’s used in construction materials, be it a plywood material or an adhesive. These are further used in wooden furnitures and is a strong element to further deterioriate your indoor air pollution levels.
  • Long exposure to foul odors within a closed environment can lead to absorption of harmful elements/chemicals which gets further mixed with the indoor air that’s being circulated. Be it ammonia, garlic smell or even sweat, the threat is very much real though invisible.
  • Dust : When we fail to clean our houses on a daily basis, the dust getting accumulated thanks to a blower fan or the windows being kept open, the air is very much susceptible to getting polluted quickly.

Quick ways to Battle Indoor Air Pollution

  • If quality of outside air is at an all time low, keep the windows closed at all times. 
  • Smog hits generally early in the mornings, and that's the time you need to prevent that from seeping inside.
  • Dust every part of the house on a regular basis. No exceptions for Sweeping/Cleaning daily.
  • Spray room freshners if any foul smells linger for a longer period of time. 
  • Remove any unnecessary object/clutter in the living room or bed room. These can be the main places where dust accumulates.
  • Shoes and slippers should strictly be kept outside to prevent outside germs from mixing into the floor . It doesn't take few seconds for a wind to pick them and mix them along with the air.
  • Cigarette smoking should strictly be prohibited inside the house, even if you are the single person living inside.
  • Plants kept inside the house generally absorb harmful gases like CO2 and other pollutant agents, while emitting fresh pure oxygen.

Smart ways to Battle Indoor Air pollution

Though we have air purifiers and other electronic devices to monitor the air quality and filter them as required,  it’s not possible for them to run 24x7, thanks to rise in electricity costs  and also the machine wear and tear. I came across this new innovation by Asian Paints called “Royale Atmos”, a paint that actually has the capability to absorb odours/foul smells and even harmful agents such as ammonia or hydrogen sulphide.

royale atmost asian paints

So what does Royale Atmos actually do?

Royale Atmos helps you in 4 different ways to battle Indoor Air Population, namely
  1. Reducing levels of formaldehyde inside the house
  2. Absorbing any time of malodour : Selective absorption of household smells, thereby significantly improving air quality at home
  3. Emitting fragrance instead of the strong pungent “fresh” paint smell
  4. An Activated Carbon technology that powers Royale Atmos to effectively purify indoor air

Advantages of Royale Atmos

Coming from the stable of the most premier paint company in the world, Asian Paints, Royale Atmo not only eliminates indoor air pollution, adds to the fragrance of the house but also has a smooth matt finish and a Teflon surface protector to protect itself from stains.

We now have walls with special paints that not only safeguards from security but also protects from indoor air pollution. I feel,we have now arrived!

Just head to the Asian Paints Royale Atmos site and you might find yourself a lot of information to help you battle indoor air pollution.

Check out this ad featuring Deepika Padukone telling you why this might be the next big thing in reducing indoor air pollution.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Harappa - A Civilization that went missing

Back to blogging about book reviews after quite a while now, I was recently asked to review a very interesting fiction called Harappa, Curse of the Blood River. This was a novel written by Vineet Bajpai and was a mixture of Historical and action thriller set in Kashi and Harappa, in parallel

harappa lost civilization book review

Frankly most action thrillers that I have read for a while now , has a similar storyline : a big conspiracy in a corporate sector , an employee uncovering it, running for his life and finally managing to bring the crooked people to justice.

Quite thankfully, Harappa stays very clear from it and has an interesting storyline. If you are really interested to learn about the lost Harappa civilization, its culture and a few interesting facts mixed with a coat of fiction, this is an ideal book you can pick up.

With two parallel storylines, tracing a present day semi god in Kashi and a Devata set in the city of Harappa, the book is a definite page turner. The author has done away with boring descriptions and junps straight to the story , that actually progresses in rapid pace.

The writing style is crisp , short and to the point. Despite busy schedules, I could easily manage to cover this 300+ page book in a couple of days, with a few hours each day. Amidst several other foreign novels, it was actually quite refreshing to read an action thriller from an Indian author, especially about an interesting historical topic such as Harappa.

The book briefly touches upon the mythologies of Indian culture, the customs of Hindu religion and engages the reader with vivid imagination. I, for one, had absolutely no idea about what went down at Harappa and this was an enlightening novel to get some real insights about it. Frankly, after reading this novel, you get to feel like visiting Kashi and Banaras and get deeply immersed in the fascinating culture over there.

To retain the suspense, twists and turns of the major story at hand I'll leave the review here and let the readers enjoy the book.

Additionally, the novel happens to be part of a sereies, given the magnitude of the story and continues with the second part, called Pralay, The Great Deluge.

Go for this novel. Ignore the slow start in the beginning and you'll not be disappointed for having picked up this novel.

Note on the Author : Vineet Bajpai has founded  and led several entertainment/media agencies . He has additionally written three other well known management books, namely 'The 30 Something CEO, 'Build From Scratch' and finally 'The Street to the Highway'

Harappa, Curse of the Blood River

You can buy the novel at Amazon here:

This book review is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program. To know more log on to

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Best Wi-Fi Router for Blogging

One of the biggest issues I have faced while blogging is the frequent disconnects and slow speeds due to the Wi-Fi router at home. Despite a high speed Fibernet connection (ACT Broadband) that offered around 100MBPS speed , I realized I could never touch more than 40-50 MBPS through Wi-Fi despite sitting very close to the router. I always felt this could be an Internet provider issue, but never realized this is a "router limitation" in my very home.

After a detailed research in this space and understandig the types of routers, the different versions etc, I finally narrowed down to the perfect router ideal for my home space. When you login to Amazon , Flipkart, you'll be thrown around more than 100 models of routers and you'll probably end up something that's recognizable and within your budget. However it may not necessarily offer you the speeds you desire. So before you choose the next router, give this post a 5-10 minute read and it may be really fruitful for you. I have tried to make it as simple as possible to make sure anyone can follow it.

Types of Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi Routers are  predominantly classified into Single Band Router and Dual Band Router. 

  • The single band routers are divided as 150, 300 
  • Dual band routers are divided into 600, 750, 900
You'll be wondering what these numbers mean. The 150, 300 etc are the maximum link speeds your modem can offer . Read on and your questions will be answered.

Router Frequencies

A router can operate in primarily two different frequencies 2.4Ghz and 5.1 Ghz.

In layman terms, 2.4 Ghz is "relatively" a slower Wifi Connection with a maximum speed of 54 MBPS while  5.1 GHz supports super fast Wifi connections and has a max speed of  450 MBPS.

Single Band Routers :


A single band router operates in 2.4 GHz only and therefore cannot offer you a downloading speed  >54MBPS. So even if you have bought a 100 mbps plan from your internet operator like ACT Broadband or Hathway or YouBroadband or Tikona etc, you cannot get more than 50 mbps speed.
So its basically as good as subscribing to a cheaper 50mbps plan if you are planning to stick to this router.

Here's the basic difference between the two variants of single band routers :

Single Band 150 Router : Max Speed of 20 MBPS only , with a limited range ( ideal for houses < 600 sqft with a low speed 16mbps plan

Single Band 300 Router :  Max Speed of 54 MBPS only , with a limited range ( ideal for houses < 1000 sqft with a 50MBPS plan).

Dual Band Routers


Dual Band Routers can be classified into 600 , 750 or 900. They support high ranges, ideal for offices, large houses and those who have subscribed to a high speed ( >75mbps) connections.

So what do you mean by "Dual" in a Dual Band router ?

This means, you can create two different wireless networks in the same house.
One wireless network will operate in a 2.4 Ghz channel (which is the same speed as Single band 300) and second wireless network operates in a 5.1GHz channel ( which has speed of 450mbps). Therefore in mathematical terms its 300(1st network) + 450 (2nd network) = Dual Band 750.

Also there are 3 antennas in a dual band router, which helps to give a higher range compared to 2 antennas in a single band router.

In layman terms :

Let's take an example: Suppose you have 4 members in your house. Two of them use just whatsapp, Facebook, gmail and simple browsing. The rest two downloads big files, streams HD content and plays online video games etc. If everyone's on the same network, speeds are shared,and in the end noone gets to do their work easily

But if the router gives you the option to connect to either of the two networks A)2.4Ghz for just browsing or B) 5.1 Ghz for high speeds. Then the first two people will connect to Network A, while the rest two will connect to Network B.

Problem Solved and everyone can browse faster without buffering.

Key point to notice while buying Laptops & Mobiles

A lot of the laptops and mobiles that was manufactured last year or an year before still supported a 802.11 b/g standard and not the 802.11 a/c standard.

In layman terms : If you had a laptop that did not have "802.11 a/c" mentioned in the technical specifications under "wireless", it cannot detect the 5.1 GHz network even if you have a dual band router with a high speed network. You'll be forced to connect to the 2.4 Ghz network only with a max speed of 54mbps

So make sure the words 802.11 a/c is clearly mentioned in the tech specifications before you buy.

Simple Router Buying Guide

If you are still confused about everything and  simple want to just know which kind of router to buy, this table summary will help you decide

Choose your apartment size, the internet connection speed offered to you currently and choose wisely

Best Routers in the market

  • Top 3 Single Band Routers

1. Netgear N300 Router (Recommended by most ISP's) : Been using it for last 4 years and definitely one of the best single band router

2. Xiaomi Mi3C Single Band Router
Hearing amazing reviews all around and has 4 antennas for good range and speeds

3. D-Link Dir 615 Single Band Router
Another good router and much cheaper than the Netgear series

  • Top 3 Dual Band Routers
1. tp-link Archer C20-AC750 Dual Band Router
One of the most popular dual band routers ( I currently own this ), the Archer series has agood reputation and one of the perfect buys in the dual band range.. Just 400 rs extra than a single band router and definitely worth it

2. D-Link Dir 816 Dual Band Router
Identically priced to the tp-link, you can choose either of the two while going for a dual band version

3. Netgear R6220 AC-1200
A next generation dual band router from Netgear, this is more expensive than a D-link/tp-link but definitely worth the price and it offers speeds upto 816 mpbs. If you can afford and want to invest in a high quality router, this is the most ideal one

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Interview Desk - On-Demand Interviews & HR 2.0 Initiative

Hiring for the best talent is one of the key things every company would be focussed to do.  These people would later form to be your core team and contribute to majority of your company's success. More than just employees, the top/ best performing employees are considered assets to a company. When the company comes out for valuation in the stock market, more than their products or services, the employees add immense value to the equation

This is why, when you buy out a company, you are not just getting their products but rather you are acquiring their key asset, the employees. Identifying and hiring such talent can be one of the toughest things every employer would face. Retaining them a couple of years later is altogether a different ball game.

Standard Hiring Process

For any opening, you'll probably be flooded with hundreds of resumes, most of which doesn't suit your requirement or the people not employable. Searching through wades of resumes, identifying the best quality ones and interviewing them could be an arduous month long task. It's critical that during this qualification process, you never reject a right candidate by mistake.

For any medium sized to big firm, the process of posting a job requirement, receiving applications, interviewing them , shortlisting them, negotiating an offer and finally giving the job can take anywhere between a month or sometimes two.

interviewdesk hr platform

So what if there was a readymade pool of "pre-qualified" candidates , who are already interviewed by an expert interviewer/panel and just waiting for you to give a final clearance? Doesn't that gets your job done in minutes and saves you all the routine outbound calls?

InterviewDesk - OnDemand Interviewer Platform 

Yes, that dream has become a reality with the launch of the "On-Demand" Interviewer platform, called InterviewDesk.

InterviewDesk works like a marketplace model service. They let companies outsource the recruitment process and leave it to the experts at InterviewDesk. Meanwhile InterviewDesk attracts interviewers, having decades of experience in different fields to ask the right questions. So across geography, across Industry, InterviewDesk helps to quickly form panels of experts in different domains and different job functions such as Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, Analytics, Supply Chain, Marketing etc. So when you outsource this process, your hundreds of bundles of resumes gets filtered out to just handful of quality profiles which can be interviewed immediately.

interview desk hr platform

Benefits for an Employer

  • Hiring process accelerated by 10X Times
  • Expert Interviewer panel to Filter profiles and shortlist them
  • Reduces cost spent on Hiring  
  • Can focus more on In-Depth interviews to get the right talent

Earning Opportunities for Interviewers:

If you are a professional interviewer or even an expert in a particular domain, InterviewDesk offers you a great monetizing opportunity. With a flexible platform, you get to be part of a large interviewer community and get to earn a nice side income with a commitment of minimum of 60mins of your time. This not only helps to earn , but also builds a brand for you and promoting your visibility to prospective employers and other job seekers.

I had the opportunity to attend the launch of Interview Desk at GRT last week and hence the post is in collaboration with InterviewDesk.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Auto Portal - Top Auto Comparison & Reviews Website,India

Suppose you venture in the market to purchase an automobile, especially a car, you'll be inundated with so many segments, variants, brands in different price ranges. Understanding the variation in technical specifications among the variants in the same car , key features / USP of the car can be another uphill task. Once you are done checking these specs , next step is to compare it with another competitor brand. Most times, you have to make manual comparisons, with the little info provided by car salesmen and arrive at a suitable decision and definitely difficult without a car comparison website.

autoportal car comparison site

These factors generally extend the Awareness->Consideration->Purchase funnel, purely because of a lack of collective knowledge about all cars and deciding which is best.There were automobile magazines that gave a good insight on these things about cars. But you had to sit and read through pages to get a clear info on what you were looking for. Then came the car aggregator sites which helped to list the potential cars you would want to buy along with a critic & user rating, reviews and other upcoming releases in this segment.

autoportal car comparison website

One such automobile site I discovered during my recent Automobile search was Why was it useful and how do they work?

Here are 4 different key sections of AutoPortal:

1.New Car Research with On-Road Price info 

This is one of the key sections of the website. You just need to click on New Car Research and it gives you the option of choosing the type of car by Body type.This includes Hatchback, SUV, Sedan, Luxury, Electric etc. Once selected you get a list of all the cars in that segment with their price, technical info etc.

    • Suppose you get to choose SUV and later filter to choose a price range of 10-20 lakhs, you'll be shown Ford Ecosport, XUV 500, Tata Hexa ,Hyundai Tucson and Jeep Compass among others.
autoportal car comparison site india

    • Select the cars that you wish to consider and click on the Compare Button on the top. This will list out the best features of each car in a single consolidated table and helps you to immediately narrow down on the car that you want to buy.
    • In fact, you even have an option "Hide common features" and "Highlight key differences.
    • Once done, click on "Get On-Road price" and you'll be given a quote, along with a loan EMI quote. If you are interested, you will be contacted by a nearby dealer and you start your booking/test drive process immediately.

2. New Bike Research with On-Road Price info

Similar to the cars section, there are different bikes(Motorcycles) listed by brands. You'll be even surprised that there are so many brands available in this space, as we might only remember the top 2-3 brands like Bajaj or Hero or Honda.
autoportal car comparison website

autoportal car comparison site

You can even get to compare upto 4 different bikes at the same time along with expert reviews and feedback. As someone, who might be upgrading my bike in the next couple of years, this will be a boon for me to get every information I need in a single page .

3. Buying and Selling Used Cars

If you are planning to sell your own or even consider buying an used car at competitive rates, AutoPortal helps you with that too. With quality assurance and great service, you'll end up buying an almost perfect car at such competitive prices, and get the feeling you are driving a new car. In my opinion, Autoportal is definitely one of the best used cars buying site in India !

best used cars buying website India

4. News & Articles

If you want updates and news articles about new releases , car maintenance tips or even expert predictions about a car, go and check out their news and articles section.

Independence Day Offer (Aug 1 - Aug 31)

So Autoportal has now come with an awesome Independence Day offer. #FreedomtoExplore
Once you are done with your auto research, go ahead and book a car with a referral through Autoportal between Aug 1st '17 & Augus 31st '17.

Steps to participate in Independence Day offer

  • Make a booking request  at 
  • Visit dealer and pay booking amount to him and do inform him you have come through AutoPortal. 
  • Send your booking receipt to 99533 50171 to be eligible for the offer
  • Later make the rest of payment to Dealer. 
  • Get ready to win the awesome prizes 

Independence Day Offer Prizes by AutoPortal

You'll now stand a chance to win one among these
  • Travel + Stay Trip to Dubai 
  • Travel + Stay Trip to Goa
  • iPhone 6 32GB 
  • 7 Consolation Winners: - Rs. 5,000/ - ICICI Gift Card