Sunday, February 09, 2020

Quantum Universe - Karmic Healing , Achieving World Peace and More !

The concept of Quantum universe and its acclaimed powers is not new and has been documented, highly researched by several people across the world. However there has always been a slight disagreement between the scientific community vs the Astrological & Vedic communities about its effectiveness.

In fact , I remember reading about the same in a couple of Dan Brown's novels (The Lost Symbol , Angels & Demons etc) where he talks about the power of group prayers, meditation, the existence of the soul and how energy arising out of a group movement can move mountains and has infinite power.

So when I was invited for a launch of Quantum Universe organized by Aathmeswar Sathiyaji (founder of Sathiya Yogam) and team, I decided to go and find out all about it. The organization claimed that this new initiative deals with unexplored connections between human lifestyle and the quantum world. Subjects touched upon would include Science, Technology, Astronomy, Vedic Wisdom, and Tradition.

During the 3+ hour long discourse (it should have been shortened given interest of time) , it was mainly about how our Vedas have accurately predicted the solar movements, the solar & lunar eclipses as well as how one can utilize this quantum energy available in the universe to transform oneself, armed with a key thing : Right & Good 'Intention'.

The organization doesn't affiliate to any said religion and  claims to focus on the power of spiritual mass meditation, activation of different chakras in the body, performing Homams in the house and using crystals to attract the right energies.

The common questions that may arise out of all this will surround about the beliefs :
  • Do I believe in it? 
  • Does this thing actually work? 
  • Does it have a scientific proof to its theory?
I don't have answers to all these and I have my own concerns , doubts and questions. So I dont have sufficient knowledge or proof to recommend this.
So decide for yourself by fully researching about this programme
If you want to find out about them, you can give them a visit and know about their offerings

Sathiya Yogam Ashram
Plot No.1271/34, 77th Street, 12th Sector,
West KK Nagar, Chennai – 600078

A friend of mine,Shrinidhi has something to say about this .

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Lizol Brand Launch - Cement Surface Cleaners

India has witnessed a significant improvement in India when it comes to infrastructure development in the last two decades. This is not only in the case of urban areas but also in the rural areas. Along with  Tier 1 cities, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities has also seen some good growth in their township. But how much has it changed inside a house? 

The answer came to me during a recent product launch of Lizol's Cement Surface Cleaner in Chennai . The company , after a significant amount of research found out that 55% of houses in India and in particular Tamil Nadu still live with a  cement floor surface as compared to tiled floors in apartments and buildings in cities.  According to the 2011 Census, 1 in every 3 Indian households has a cement floor wherein Tamil Nadu is the largest state where 2 out of 3 homes have cement floors. 9 years post that, the numbers have only marginally shifted towards tiled floors.

These cement floors, however comes with their own problems. One of the biggest concern faced by the Indian homemaker is the removal of the white patches/stains found on cement floors.

How are white stains on Cement floors formed?

A cement floor is made of calcium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide reacts with the carbon dioxide and forms calcium carbonate salt on the cement floor. The calcium carbonate residue goes inside the pores on cement floors and forms hard to remove white stains.

No amount of washing away with water, phenyl or acids can make this white patches go away and makes the floor look really dirty and patchy, if not harmful.

During the launch event, Lizol introduced to us , a brand new one of a kind Cement surface floor clearner. (Company also claims it to be a global first). The company demonstrated the efficacy of the product by pouring calcium carbonate in two cement surfaces and tried removing the stain , one with phenyl and other with the Lizol Cement surface cleaner. 

The Lizol cement cleaner did the job cleanly and removed the white stain almost instantly and needed just a few ml to get the job done. Phenyl , though a good anti bacterial agent, didn't remove the stain .


Launch Dates & Pricing  

Initally, Lizol cement floor cleaner is being launched across four states with the highest cement floor penetration in India, namely; Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala. The Lizol Cement Surface Cleaner will be available in two variants lemon and pine and two different sizes - 100ml and 400ml. The 100 ml trial pack is priced at Rs. 25 and the 400 ml bottle is priced at Rs. 74.

The 25 Rs Trial pack , in my opinion could be a great move for middle class families to afford a branded floor cleaner and use it on a regular use. This also gives them the advantage to move away from unbranded generic phenyl sold in stores that's not effective against white patches.

About Reckitt Benckiser

Lizol is one of the key brands of the global Reckitt Benckiser, who also owns many household brands such as:

Dettol, Harpic, Woolite, Mortein, Vanish, Air Wick, Veet, Durex, Strepsils, Enfamil, Nutramigen, Nurofen, Strepsils, Gaviscon, Mucinex, Scholl, Clearasil, Finish, Calgon.

Monday, December 23, 2019

A Holiday Camp at British Council India

If you want to adopt one motto for the upcoming new year, it should definitely  be Upskilling. An activity, that can keep us relevant and competitive in this fast changing world, adapting ourselves to new technologies, new skills and preparing ourselves for the future is the path forward. It's even more important for  young kids to adopt this approach at an earlier stage. With a lifetime of learning ahead, a strong foundation on life skills will really give them the competitive edge than others.

british council holiday camp 2019

British Council Holiday Camp 2019

British Council of India has announced a brand new Holiday camp for kids aged between 7-14 years between Dec 27th to 30th. A compact and customized 4day 10hr course designed with a maximum learner output, it is a short term course covering 21st century life skills for the young minds.

british council holiday camp 2019

The British Council Holiday camp 2019 offers the following :

  • A thorough focus on personality development through hands-on English learning is implemented as well.
  • They offer a specially designed English teaching methodology where the students can gain a lot of confidence in expressing themselves in English.
  • Students gain experience through creative and fun learning activities and these activities also sharpen their problem solving and critical thinking skills and helps to develop a collaborative spirit with other students
  • The Holiday Camp aims to increase retention and improve all round output through interactive & personalized modules , esp in a very safe kid-friendly environment.

british council holiday camp 2019

Course Fee : 5000INR for non-members and 4250 for existing British Council members

I'd definitely recommend it as one of the most useful ways of spending a couple of hours in the holiday season for all those kids out there.

Do check out this link for more info about the British Council Holiday Camp 2019:

British Council - The new cultural Hub

One of the leading and premium establishments in the country,  British Council has been in India for the past 70 years evolving from just a library to a place of learning, upskilling and interestingly a cultural hub. In Chennai, British Council is present in the same premises for the past 60 years

british council holiday camp 2019

They often host many workshops including
  • Art of StoryTelling
  • Poetry & Art sessions by experts for different age groups
  • UK fairs ( Upcoming)- for people who want to know information about pursuing a course in UK

Apart from the library offerings, there is a English Language Centre to provide English learning to different age groups. Some of the other popular learning courses include
  • IELTS Prep
  • Business Communication
  • Interview Preparation Courses with focus on the English language as well

They have more than 10,000 books, DVD’s, popular UK newspapers including the Times You also get access to their digital resources including e-books, audiobooks and 14,000 journals. Plus you also have access to JSTOR, most globally used academic resource hub supporting research and academics.

British Council is located in 737, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002, India.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Peppa Pig Musical Live in Chennai

Some ideas can be random , simple or even crazy , but they work phenomenally well and quickly go viral. That was the exact notion behind the creators of the current cartoon hit show, Peppa Pig.

The basic notion that Pigs can actually be designed to be cute character for a cartoon series was definitely an ingenious idea. Peppa Pig has been a major success across different markets in Asia & Europe esp China & India, instantly capturing the minds of almost all the kids.

After creating a massive sensation , the musical format of the show is now going to be launched in India in multiple cities including Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru with a host of fun activities and magic.

In Association with Live Viacom18 and BookMyShow, Peppa Pig is happening at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall,Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai - 31

Dates:                   30th November – 01st December (Saturday-Sunday)
Show timings:     30th November – 11:30 AM, 3:00 PM, 6:30 PM
                             01st December – 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM

Almost the entire cast including Peppa, Georgie, Mummy and Daddy Pig would be performing live in front of a thrilled audience and you really dont want to miss out on this. Take your kids for a fun filled evening as you enter the magical world of Peppa Pig and have a super memorable experience

Tickets are available at Venue and in Bookmyshow :

Monday, November 18, 2019

World on a Plate - Masterchef Event with Philips Airfryer

Chennai has witnessed a tremendous growth in the food scene with new restaurants and cafes mushrooming in every corner of the city. The variety of cuisines has also expanded and it's no longer just a choice between South Indian, North Indian & Multi Cuisine.We now have choices from Mediterranean, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Maharashtrian, Russian, Japanese or you're in the mood for some cheese, you have an entirely dedicated All-Cheese restaurant called Fromage.

With Sarah Todd, Masterchef

The rising popularity of this food scene made it an obvious venue for World On A Plate to host a MasterChef Masterclass event in partnership with Philips India.

The three Masterchefs that attended were Sarah Todd, Vicky Ratnani and Saransh Goila. The event featured the city's best restaurant & patisserie stalls promoting their top selling & favourite dishes . The restaurants included

  • Bombay Brasserie
  • The Brew Room
  • Soy Soi
  • Sandy's
  • Toscano's
  • Intercontinental's Tao of Peng
A few selected bloggers including me were part of an exclusive interview session with Celebrity MasterChef Saransh Goila. In his interview Saransh confessed his love for South Indian food and shared some very interesting unconventional methods to cook traditional foods.

Saransh Goila, WOAP Chennai

Philips India was one of the primary sponsors for this event with their star attraction being the Philips AirFryer. Both Saransh Goila and Sarah Todd demonstrated the use of AirFryer to cook their special dish instead of opting to deep frying it.

This came quite a surprise to the audience that the AirFryer is not just a oven kinda device but rather a fully compatible machine which helps you to bake,cook and heat stuffs. With barely a spoon of oil as compared to deep frying in a bowl of oil, the food prevents all the fat content from the oil , yet retaining the same flavor and taste

Though  I had been using my AirFryer currently to make French Fries (without oil), Veg Patties and to occasionally fry vegetables and nuts, the Masterchef session actually gave me quite a few interesting ideas to start using the device in more different ways.

Here's a detailed Philips Air Fryer Review I had written earlier

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Japanese Film Festival In India with Japan Foundation

If you're lover of International Film Festivals, you are in for an absolute treat. Japan Foundation has launched a nationwide film festival of acclaimed Japanese movies (old and new) across India in

Called the Japanese Film Fest, this is the third edition of this in India ,  in collaboration with PVR Cinemas , powered by ENEOS, at VR Mall in Chennai.

The film festival started in Delhi around the month of September 2019, with a phenomenal response and this time that it came down south to Chennai, the land of Kollywood movies..

I had the privilege to meet the Director General of Japan Foundation (pic in left), Kaoru Miyamoto San and Kojiro Uchiyama San (pic in Right) , Consul General of Japan in Chennai.

The objective of the film festival was to give an insight into the Japanese culture, the society and the people of Japan. With the launch of the direct Chennai to Tokyo Flight by Nippon Airways, you might even probably be tempted to visit Japan after watching these movies


The film festival is 10 days long from Nov 8-17th in Chennai.

Some of the movies that are being featured include:

  • Weathering With You

  • Parallel World Love Story 

  • Samurai Shifters

  • Masquerade Hotel

  • Your Name

  • Tokyo Ghoul

  • Shoplifters

  • Children of the Sea

  • Dance with Me

Opening Film : The Kingdom

I had a chance to watch the first film in this Japanese Film Fest, called The Kingdom (Kingudamu in Japanese) . The movie is an action thriller about a king trying to reclaim his kingdom lost to his brother, while a young fighter dreams of becoming the greatest general on earth.

Though I have seen several Japanese movies in TV , this was my first experience of watching a Japanese movie in a big screen and the movie totally blew me away. A 134 minute action thriller, this is easily one of the well made action movies I've seen in 2019.

Directed by Shinsuke Sato, this is incidentally a live-action adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara’s manga of the same name and the top cast include KENTO YAMAZAKI. RYÔ YOSHIZAWA and MASAMI NAGASAWA

Schedule of Japanese Film Fest in Chennai

What's the best part ? 

All the movies are completely free !!! Just walk into VR Chennai one hour before the movie, collect your passes and enjoy the movie :)

Guwahati, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkatta are next in this series..

For more info on the Japanese film festival, do check out their official site