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The Great Indian Festival - A Kebab Fest at copper chimney, Chennai

As a vegetarian , i've always had only limited options when it came to variety in foods. You end up ordering pretty much the same thing and probably be bored out of it . So I had my expectations pretty high, when I received an exclusive invite to attend the Kebab festival in Copper Chimney and got to know they had a fair share of vegetarian items as well in the menu

The menu for the Kebab fest was as follows

As a guest, I was given a mini platter of all the things in the fest. What worked for me was the variety, an interesting mix of spice and taste and of course the presence of so many veg options in Kebabs alone. Additionally the presentation was really well done , which to me is an most important criteria as well.

Veg Kebab Platter
True to their name, everything served was downright delicious.  The garlic naan in particular was downright soft and done just right. The kebab platter, for which the fest was centered around, was the highlight however. Be it the paneer , alu fry and the cutlet, along with a spicy mint chutney, it was definitely relishing and got finished in minutes


The 4 course meal consisted of : a Kebab platter as starter , a thick creamy tomato soup ,a unsweetened orange juice,  a bread basket including Laccha Paratha, Garlic Naans and Rotis, accompanied with some delcious Dhal Makani and Paneer Subji.


The final course was a delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream laden with nuts.

Great Indian Kebab Festival is happening in Copper Chimney in both of their locations , namely Gopalpuram(near Seras) and Taramani (near Ascendas IT Park) till Apr 15th. Go try it once :)

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Tata Tigor Styleback Review - An Impact Design carrying Tata's Success Baton

You probably may have read about my previous review of the Tata Hexa, late last year. The Hexa was a great step forward in the makeover of a classic automobile brand, Tata Motors. It was completely refreshing to see the dazzling SUV from the Tata Stable and certainly turned, quite a few heads.
Barely four months later, I received an invite(Along with Shrinidhi , Bhushavali & Maitreni), as selected bloggers to attend the launch of a new car called Tigor. Tata Motors seems to surprise the world with yet another stunner, this time in the sedan segment, namely Tata Tigor. So how does the new car fare? Here goes my two cents on the Tata Tigor Review.

(A Black & White Image of the Tigor During Launch)

First Impressions


It's clearly visible that Tata Motors is moving out of the "utility" car segment (Indica/Zest etc) to a "styleback" segment,as they call it . Coming to the Tigor, the front portion of the car gives you the modern sedan look, esp with a stretched out design fitted with dual colour bumpers, twin barrel headlamps and front grille.

The rear portion of the Tigor, on the other hand takes everyone by surprise.  A design, that you generally do not spot on a sedan, Tigor comes with extended boot space and even minor spoilers with sparkling LED stop lights that really adds a nice touch to it.


Tata Motors had announced that it'll be available on the following colors : Sunburst Orange, Pearlescent white, Platinum Silver, Striker Blue, Berry Red, and Espresso Brown.

Shot during the Tigor Launch & Presentation

Key Competition

The sedan segment has replaced the hatchback segment,as the most competitive segment to compete in. Tigor, nevertheless has serious competition including Honda Amaze, Hyundai i20 / Hyundai Xcent and also the Suzuki Swift/Swift Dzire.  Additionally, it faces a bit of a competition from its smaller hatchback predecessor Tata Tiago. Some of the cars mentioned here may not be in the same segment or price category, but from my perception falls within the same consideration set of a user. With some tight pricing and aggressive marketing , this could be a successive run for Tata Motors, if they deal the cards right.

Target Audience of Tigor

The target audience, as Mr.Vivek Srivatsa put it is mainly focussed at an upgrader. A young professional who wants to upgrade to a bigger car or a status seeker or even someone socially active and needs a car for both city use and an occasional highway drive. This is an interesting segment to cater to, given the fact that Indian market has a sizeable chunk of buyers in that area.

Technical Specifications of Tata Tigor

Petrol Engine : Fitted with a 1.2 Litre Revotron Engine and capacity of 1199 cc , Tigor comes with a torque of 114 Nm @ 3500 RPM  and horsepower of 85PS @ 6000 RPM .
Diesel Engine : The Diesel variant comes with a Revotorq 1.05L 3-cylinder, horsepower of 70PS @ 4000RPM and max torque of 140 Nm @ 1800-3000 RPM

Petrol and diesel manual versions have been rolled out initially and heard that they are shortly coming up with an automatic version as well.

Feature Specs of Tigor 

The Tigor Syleback carries some impressive specs and features that really gives a competitive edge over its competitors, mainly the i20 Grand and Amaze. Almost resembling a derivation from the Tiago, Tigor however scores its major points in the following features

  •  An Impact design that really stands out, true to its nickname, a "Styleback"
  • A completely modified dazzling rear that can even give a coupe styled car, a run for its money
  • A massive boot space of 419L achieved through a bigger wheel base of 2450mm and a 4-link  mechanism instead of the usual hinge system

  • The above wider wheel base gives a longer leg room to the rear passengers and adds immensely to comfort


  • Convertible rear middle seat to a hand-rest/coffee cup holder, adding to both comfort and stylishness (Something I totally loved and miss in 90% of cars)
  • Touchscreen display with added navigation system and a 8 speaker Harman sound system

  • Dual Airbags, Anti Lock Braking System (ABS), Electric Power Assist and Corner Control
  • Improved Lighting with Twin Barrel Head Lamps and LED Stop lamps on the rear spoilers.

      Drive Experience

      The first thing I noticed about the Tigor is its quick acceleration. It raced upto to 60 km/hr in a matter of seconds and effortlessly glided even at high speeds. My drive was from Delhi Airport all the way upto Gurgaon Heritage car museum. The route involved a fair mix of city roads, highways and of course broken pothole filled roads, typical to any Indian city. In almost all terrains, the car managed to handle itself pretty easily and there was almost no discomfort even in bumps and large speed breakers. To put it simply, it was so damn easier to drive the Tigor.

      Another highlight of the drive experience was the touchscreen display,which connected to the phone's GPS and gave me a smooth navigation system . I was able to shuffle to the music menu by just a flick of my fingers and switch back to GPS whenever needed. (the touchscreen navigation is available only in higher end variants of the Tigor). The Harman sound system added a nice touch to the overall jouney with some impressive sound effects.

      Much surprisingly, I didn't have the  strain or tiredness that follows a 150+ km journey even on a hot Delhi summer day and that totally speaks volumes on the Tigo. Our blogger drive from Delhi till Gurgaon involved 3-4 people/car and this seemed to have absolutely no impact on the car's performance, handling and most importantly pickup.


      Tigor could be launched anywhere between 5-7 Lakhs with the different variants. Probably anywhere between 50K to less than a lakh, more than the Tiago should fit right into this segment. The price is not officially launched as yet .

      My Verdict

      The Tigor is an impressive launch from the Tata stable and more of a bold move to take head on its competitors with an impact styleback design. The bold play can strongly work on their favour if they can keep the prices low (given this is a highly price competitive segment).

      The large rear seating space,417L boot space , the unique silhouette and the overall design can add to its strong contention. The only thing I feel Tigor seems to miss is a powerful colour like an Intense Black or a Midnight Blue (which the Hexa really pulled it off). Though I could currently settle for the Striker Blue which the Tigor has. 

      Monday, March 20, 2017

      The Rich Labourer - Book Review

      Having worked on several tough projects, I have realized that most of the time goes in defining the central problem statement and finding an appropriate solution for it. Only 20 % of the remaining time goes in actually implementing it . During the course of this process, how the requirements and problem statement has seen so many changes and revisions that it looks completely different from where you started. Giving this flow a structure with a detailed list of steps can help immensely in terms of effort, time and money.A book called "The Rich Labourer" seems to be doing exactly that.

      The Rich Labourer, a book , written by Mr.Parthajeet Sarma (Co-authored by Sibani Sarma) , goes about explaining a simple path that helps you to find solutions, be it for a person or organization or the society as a whole. A management cum self help book, this is a perfect short recipe, especially those who want to arrive at finding solutions in the quickest way possible. Some may have unrealistic demands in a shoestring budget. Sometimes the requirement would be for a innovative, robust , reliable solution offering every feature without compromising on quality. Yet one would not have even sufficient funds to meet half of it. So where do you draw the line in such cases?

      The Rich Labourer book is a breezy read with simple terminologies that helps to find a solution using a unique 3-Step path. This approach is called the  3P method ( Probe , Ponder and Prove). This book takes on fictional examples ( On real life happenings) and goes about explaining how the character in the book, deals with the problem in hand, goes about applying the 3P method to arrive at a feasible solution while driving innovation for the organization she's employed in.

      I was able to spot some interesting management concepts listed in easy steps, which can immensely individuals in corporate settings plan their approach for any problem at hand. One of them was the rapid prototyping technique. Rapid prototyping is used pretty much in most product oriented companies. They have the need to test the idea of a product before it even comes to the market and for this, there are several factors in play. The price, scalability, amount of customization are some of the things you need to wonder while doing so. The Rapid prototyping technique, explained in the book helps in saving time, money , minimizes design flaws and quite importantly gives a tangible shape to the overall concept

      Interestingly the book itself seems to follow some of the concepts mentioned in it. The book I had received is a first edition and based on reviews and feedback would be revised and edited with added content.

      You can buy the book here