FarmPhone: Your Direct Connection to Fresh Produce from Farmers

Farmers play a crucial role in the economy, acting as the backbone of food production, providing us with the fresh and nutritious ingredients. Supporting farmers not only helps them sustain their livelihoods, but also contributes to the growth and stability of local communities and the overall economy. The ideal state of the food distribution chain, should be where these farmers would receive a fair value for their product and achieve a financial independence, thereby elevating their standard of living. However in today’s times, finding fresh and high-quality produce that directly supports farmers can be challenging. That’s where I found FarmPhone . They are pretty much changing the whole game on how you connect with local farmers and receive a direct supply all through a single Whatsapp message.

Direct from Farm

Farmphone to buy directly from farmers through Whatsapp

FarmPhone is an interesting WhatsApp chatbot designed to bridge the gap between you and local farmers. FarmPhone offers a seamless and effortless way for you to order all the groceries/food produce directly from the farmers themselves. You no longer need to rely on intermediate offline & online retailers nor worry about the freshness of the items. You can easily place an order through FarmPhone by just sending a message to +919019910678 on WhatsApp

Product Sourcing

FarmPhone by FarmVeda sources their produce from multiple reputable farmers’ cooperatives and associations, ensuring quality and ethical practices. These include :

  • Sri Satya Sai Raithu Mutually Aided Cooperative Federation in Ananthpur
  • PrajaMitha Raithu Mutually Aided Cooperative Federation in Adilabad
  • Honey from a tribal cooperative in Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Organic, hand-pounded Toor Dal from Women’s Cooperative in Narayanpet, Telangana
  • Rice from Chattisgarh farmers

About FarmVeda

Prof. Trilochan Sastry’s key aim of supporting and uplifting the livelihood of farmers at the grassroots level has given rise to Farmveda. It sources fresh produce from farmers and use it to create a diverse range of high-quality packaged foods, including Ready-to-Cook Mixes, Ready-to-Eat Products, Condiments, Chocolates, Edible Oils, and more

Farmphone buy directly from farmers

The impressive aspect being that Farmveda shares all the profit among the farmers in the process, transforming them into entrepreneurs. This approach not only supports farmers directly but also empowers them to take control of their own businesses

Why Farmphone should be your Default choice?

  • Pricing : With direct sourcing from farmers, the pricing has been kept quite reasonable , creating a win-win situation for the farmer and the consumer
  • Sustainable initiative : Empowering a local community of farmers and supporting their business goes a long way in fostering a thriving community. Farmers are empowered directly. allowing them to grow their business and increase their production capacity.
  • High quality seasonal goods : From the sweet indulgence of juicy Anjeer (fig) to the wholesome goodness of groundnuts, toor dal, aromatic non-basmati rice, and cold-pressed oils, FarmPhone offers a wide range of seasonal produce , at the highest quality.
  • Convenience : Saving on those long trips to the grocery store, all you need is just a whatsapp message to get your orders delivered at your doorstep.

On a personal note, happy to see a good initiative by Farmphone and Farmveda to support the farmers community and a great way to make a strong impact in the food ecosystem. You can check out their website for more information on the products and delivery related information.

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