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Everytime one mentions burgers, I’m always reminded of the episode from “How I met your Mother” where they hunt for the best burger in town. Finally they arrive at this small place which finally ended their search of the most elusive burger. I was on a similar hunt since the past couple of years, trying out various burgers from different joints. And that’s when I found the best burger in Chennai at Da Bang Burgers.

Burgers are one of the most underrated dish in the menu , that can actually make or break your appetite. Crafting a burger is like an art. Be it a veg or a non veg burger, the stuffing, patty, cheese layers and the top & bottom buns make a huge difference. Unlike other dishes, where a couple of bad ingredients can go unnoticed, every ingredient/layer in a burger plays a crucial role in the overall taste

Location of Da Bang Burgers, Chennai

Da Bang Burgers is located inside a popular restopub called Ministry of Drinks, at Chamiers Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

Review of Veg & Non-Veg Gourmet Burgers at Da Bang

Da Bang residing inside Ministry of Drinks is available for both Dine-in and Delivery. In my last visit to Da Bang, I ordered the following things

The Green Grocer Burger

Green Grocer’s patty comes mixed with minced vegetables added with coleslaw with a lettuce and tomato topping. The burger is crunchy, loaded with vegetables and definitely delicious with a hint of salsa sauce as a top note. (Fries was to be ordered separately).

Oh my Veg Burger

The best veg burger in Dabang ‘s stable in my opinion, was the Oh My Veg Burger.. This double stacked burger had a large layer of grilled herb paneer with a very special bean patty, caramelized onion and mixture of sauces.. The layers are grilled to perfection , so much so that you can grab any random layer (esp the Paneer) and devour it . With a very rich texture and the toppings, this burger without a doubt is a must try and One of the best burger in Chennai.

I was told by the chef that the Artery blocker burger (with chicken/beef) and Queen of Ocean burger (with prawns) was one of the best sellers with non-veg and I took his word for it, being a vegetarian myself

Firehouse Fries

Burgers are always incomplete without a good bowl of French fries to accompany with . The Firehouse fires come in a medium sized bowl of fries mixed with jalapenos, mayonnaise, onions. The portion is heavy and can easily cover 3-4 people.

My Review of Dabang Burgers

Dabang has almost crafted the perfection of making one of the best burgers in Chennai. With a rich filling of quality ingredients , a delicious patty and a super crispy top layer,their burgers indeed stand out. With a nominal pricing, the burger is very filling and satisfying at the same time. The combos in their menu work well in my opinion and a great value for money. Give them a try and let me know in comments if you liked them 🙂

Dabang is available to order in Chennai via their Website , Swiggy and Zomato

Da-Bang Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

8 thoughts on “Dabang – Best Burger in Chennai

  1. Da Bang Burgers seems to be a great place to head to for a nice Burger when in Chennai. The Oh My Veg Burger really looks awesome. Each layer seems to be made to perfection. On the whole, the makings of a great and filling meal.

  2. Wow, I actually read Dabangg burgers instead of Da bang burgers in the beginning, nonetheless the burgers look scrumptious and worth trying. Thanks for that honest review.

  3. Thanks a lot for this recommendation. If I need a break from South-Indian food in Chennai, now I know what to do!

  4. Surprisingly, I have never associated Chennai with burgers. So this is an interesting read. Looking back, I have never tasted burgers in Chennai. I think maybe if I visit ever again, I will try these.

  5. I could have never imagined Chennai with burgers. Da Bang Burgers seems like a very nice place and I will definitely try out their burgers when I visit Chennai.

    1. Yes, Chennai is known for south indian food,
      But we have our own set of joints for Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and of course American burger joints around the city

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