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One of the biggest challenges while running a business is not necessarily a financial concern but rather the the legal process . Unlike the West, where all legal process and services are streamlined and easily accessible by individuals/ entrepreneurs or businesses, the situation in India might not be the same. A small issue can stall your case for several months with no respite in sight. Like they say in many scenarios, Justice Delayed is equivalent to Justice Denied.

The bureaucracy, formalities, the prevalent Red-Tapism and other complex forms that needs to be filled out can be humongous. More than that , you end up several days getting the forms signed by the authorities and finally get it processed.  Not only that , there are chances you may not have all the documentation available in the required format nor aware of the stipulations or basic eligibility criteria information and end up filing for the wrong thing.

As a close friend of an entrepreneur, I have witnessed how much they struggle to put a structure in place, obtain the necessary GST id’s as well as file for the necessary tax statements while registering a new company ( be it a single person company or a SME or rather any business).

VakilSearch – Swadeshi Startup Movement

To navigate around all these complex procedures, the popular legal-tech company VakilSearch , which offers online legal, tax and compliance technology services has launched a brand new service called the Swadeshi Startup movement. 

A complete list of their packages and services under this Swadeshi startup movement is available here:
Working towards the success of the Startup India campaign by Government of India, VakilSearch is aimed at entrepreneurs to register their startups with quick turnaround time and simplifying the complex legal process.

Mr Hrishikesh Datar, CEO of VakilSearch noted that the Startup India campaign has seen tremendous amount of new company registrations and wanted his firm to facilitate such company incorporations and GST registrations. 

Some of the services Vakilsearch offers include:

Business Registrations

  • Private Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • One Person Company
  • Partnership Firm
  • FSSAI Registration

Tax Registrations

  • Good and Service Tax Registration
  • GST Filings
  • GST Advisory
  • PF Registration
  • Income Tax Return
  • Changes in Business  


    Legal Documentation

    • Employment Contract
    • Freelancer Agreement
    • MOU
    • Vendor Agreement
    • GDPR

    Personal Legal Services

    • Public Interest Litigation
    • Name Change
    • Property Registrations
    • Make a Will
    • Consumer Complaints

    Under the Swadeshi startup movement, first 500 GST registrations and 1st month subscription fee on Compliance are given free of cost to new customers.
    A complete list of services is available here :


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