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My love for travel has always been there since childhood. Every May and December, our family made it a point to visit a beautiful place during the holiday period.  More than two decades back, international travel was never really a possibility for many families or rather even a dream. It was always somewhere within the country, be it Ooty , Kodaikanal, Shimla-Manali, Delhi-Agra or somewhere in the east. However airlines like AirAsia other LowCost carriers, with a motto of “Now Everyone can Fly” made international travel sometimes cheaper than a domestic trip. So here’s a list of my top travel destinations or rather bucketlist destinations), that I’d definitely want to visit soon. The list of destinations is in no specific order.


When I researched about the African subcontinent, most people either asked me to check South Africa (for adventure) or probably Egypt (for the pyramids and Nile River cruises). However, a destination many have overlooked and definitely in my sights is Morocco.  A city of vibrant colors, history & culture, Marrakesh can actually stun you with its unique charm.  Just check for Marrakech vacation rentals, and you can plenty of beautiful properties where you can get to stay and experience a fantastic Moroccan vacation. Marrakesh, the land of god, is actually a hidden gem, unknown to most travellers and I’m just hoping to head out there someday. Do check out a post of mine in my travel blog about the top things to do in Marrakech

New Zealand 

The eastern most country in the world and also happens to be the world’s most beautiful destination, I have seen New Zealand mostly during the cricket matches that places in Auckland or Wellington. Just by those glimpses of what they show, you know it’s a destination, one should definitely experience. New Zealand is primarily famous for its adventure (especially bungee jumping), exotic film locations ( the famous Lord of the Rings movie series was shot here) , national parks, beautiful islands and expansive mountains , national parks to name a few.


One of the most advanced countries in terms of technology, Japan has been a fantastic success story that has stunned the world. From bullet trains to volcanic mountains to beautiful temples, Japan is one country I’d definitely want to see within the next two years. Despite being a small south east Asian country, it’s also one of the most expensive countries to live or even visit and you could easily shell out a couple of Lakhs (2000-3000$) in Indian rupees for a simple visit . Though it’s one of the first destinations I check in every flight sale, it somehow looks always out of reach and I resign myself to check another time. The mother of electronics (the better quality ones) and cute stationaries, that may also be a primary reason for my major craving for Japan. My List of cities to visit : Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima


Another country similar to Japan, but comparatively slightly less expensive on the wallet, China gives plenty of reasons why one should visit it.  Starting with the Great Wall of China, you can be assured of a world wonder to visit. Second only to Japan, you can’t get enough of electronics and other wonderful things that you get to purchase in China. In addition to this , the historical city of Beijing and the metropolitan city of Shanghai can give you a confluence of the Chinese culture as it aims to become a super power. Chinese food (the vegetarian ones) is also something I want to try quite eagerly.

South America (Brazil / Colombia / Peru) 

I have always had a fascination for South American countries . Known for its culture, football , national wonders and man made architectures, the cost of living is also cheaper on the wallet. However the flights to and fro can be the only thing that has kept me from travelling to this beautiful part of the countinent. Be it the Macchu Picchu, Rio Di Janeiro or the Christ Redeemer statue, it’s always under my radar and would probably jump at a chance to visit it.

Europe ( Italy, Spain & Austria) 

Every part of Europe has a distinct flavour to it. Though they have a common currency, the architectural marvels, food, culture and a lot of things vary from country to country. Italy has been in my list, ever since I read about the museums in Dan Brown novels as he explains in details about the architecture in Rome, Venice and other cities. Spain, to experience the Spanish culture, try out the spicy food and of course visit the fashion capital of the world.  Austria, to experience the Alps, in its true glory and other snowcapped peaks.

United States of America

This has been a country, that has been slipping away from my sights for many a time. So many opportunities in the workplace turned out to be a missed chance and it has always eluded me. My preferred list of cities to visit includes New York, Washington, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston. With an expensive dollar rate, tough visa restrictions and lack of dates for vacation, it was never easy to plan a trip out here. But somehow, I feel it in my sights and would definitely be a country that I have planned to visit by next year max.
While this pandemic crisis happens, there are lot of destinations that are opening up including Indonesia, Mauritius, Dubai etc. Or before that head over to our own tourist places in India for a safer visit. You can also check out this Fort Kochi travel blog by the Tanned Travel Girl.

What’s on your bucket list of destinations? I’d love to know.. Do comment about it.

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